Sunday, March 1, 2015

What a Week!!!

So everyday this past week has been spent at daughter's old apartment.  Packing,, packing.  And there's been appointments thrown in for good measure.

We picked up the moving van Thursday; BH and son took out the furniture and the myriad of boxes.  How can one person have soooo many boxes??!!

We couldn't move into the new place until Friday, but got that done relatively quickly and smoothly.  Even got the carpets down in the bedroom and living room.  Most of the furniture is placed where it's supposed to be. 

Yesterday we took her refrigerator/freezer foods over and put them away.  That was it.  Came home and started a pot of Pork Chow Mein for supper.  Granddaughter was coming with a truckload of her things for us to store for her.

Well, she didn't get here till 10:30 last night.  After yakking for about 1/2 hour, catching up, she, the boyfriend, BH and son unloaded her things for storage.  They left here about 12:30am.

Today, BH takes son home and I'm going to the apartment to start unpacking the many....many.....many boxes.

I hate helping people move.  I hate cleaning apartments before and after.  I hate unpacking.   But I DO love decorating.  So there is a  light at the end of the tunnel.  Because daughter and I are going to do some serious decorating!

And, of course.....thank God the weather was not all that bad for the move.  We could've had some horrendous conditions here in northern February.

This coming week is filled with more appointments and shopping. Then there's the meeting for granddaughter who's going to Kuwait in May, next weekend.  Well, we'll have a mini-getaway to recoup.

Needless to spinning has taken place and knitting on the sweater has been a few rows here and there.  I'm getting the heebie-jeebies.  Can't wait to get back at it.  Before Spring arrives..and there's a ton of projects to be done.  It never ends.....


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Any day, I would rather have more to do than not. You have a lot on your table right now, bit they are all wrapped up in love. It is a wonderful feeling to still be needed.

Linda said...

Thank you Arleen. You're so right. So many times I get over-wrought....and forget to count my blessings! Hope you're staying warm, healthy and as busy as you want to be.

Sandra Knapp said...

Glad to hear all went well, and the moving was accomplished with no complications. Best wishes to your Granddaughter too, on her journey. I hope it ends up being a pleasant adventure, and providing her with many good memories to share with you all after her safe return. :)

Linda said...

Thanks Sandie. We're almost done with setting up daughter's apartment...whew. Can't wait to get back to my knitting and spinning before the Spring chores kick in!