Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Size DOES Matter.........

So I started another Aran sweater.  Grey Perendale/Romney cross, plied with Corriedale.  Spun and plied a nice 4-ply.  I've never done 4 ply before.  I take a published pattern, for the size, decreases and increases....I hate doing a lot of math.  But then I incorporate my own stitch patterns that I pick out.  It's all good.

Got the back done over the weekend.  I like knitting the back first; it feels like a big accomplishment.  Knitted on size 8 circulars.  I like circulars when there are a ton of stitches.  But not working it in circular.  Then the front sides.  So...started the right side, but went to straight needles...10" in length.  Got about 4" done, but not happy with the feel of the fabric.  Stitches look too close, feel is too dense. May have to go back to circular needle.  So, get out the adjustable set (whatever they're called); find a not-too-long connecting wire, screw on the size 8 tips and begin the other side.  About 3" into it, something's not right.  Oh the fabric is working up beautifully, nice and light.  If Aran can be called light.  But something's not right.

Get out the needle sizer.  Crap!!  The needles used for the back were size 10, not 8.  Aaaarrrrghghhh!   Well, thank goodness, it wasn't the front sides that were knitted up first.  All those stitches on the back....all those cables, bobbles and cross-overs.  Yikes.

So today I will rip out the 2 front panels and start again.  FYI :  I have 2 needle sizer thingies.  One is plastic and I could never figure out which hole was the correct one for the size.  Does the needle have to go all the way through easily, or is it just the tip of the needle?  A needle could give me 3 different sizes.  That can't be right.

But I found another sizer, metal, from Susan Bates company.  Perfect!!  The needle only goes through 1 hole easily.....not too big, not too small.  And that's the size.  Why can't manufacturers develop a way to permanently mark circular needles??  C'mon.....really??!!  With all the technology today???

The now completed back.  With raglan sleeve openings.  I love raglan.