Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Really Too Old for This.......

Spring cleaning.......I'm getting too old!! I did it again. Threw my hip out. Every year. I don't know how it happens; I try to be careful as I'm pushing dressers, armoires and beds around a 9x12 room. Picking up and moving smaller pieces of furniture and paraphenalia to another room; stretching and turning to wash down the ceiling and walls and painting. I should use the step stool; oh, I can reach the ceiling ok (with my arms stretched as far as they can over my head). Something is out of reach; I won't move closer to the item, I'll just twist my torso and stretch to reach it---Yikes! that hurt.

How the hell did I throw my hip out again, I wonder. It's my own dumb fault!

The bad part is, today I still have to shampoo the carpet in said room and rearrange the furniture(thank God for BH), hang the blinds and curtains and put all the embellishments up on the walls.

There was a time, not too long ago, when I could have a room done in a day and a half. Didn't matter what room or how much had to be done to it. Crype, I could have my whole house Spring cleaned in 2 weeks. That included washing all walls and ceilings, painting, wallpapering, sewing new curtains, and moving all the furniture by myself!

Now it takes me 3 days to do one room! 3 days! This is a big chunk of my ever decreasing life span. Days I could and should really, be doing things more to my liking, more to my enjoyment. Don'tcha think?

Well, at least half the house is now done. The kitchen, dining room and family room will have to wait until we get back from NY.

Oh geez, and there's still the outside work to be done. I also threw my hip out last year after raking leaves out of my junipers. Once again, twisting my body with the rake. That was bad. Took about 2 weeks to get better. You'd think I would've learned by now, right? This must be another sign I'm getting too old to do this stuff - loss of memory of the consequences!

I'm not a sedentary person. I clean hotel rooms, for God's sake. All that bending, stretching, walking, pushing - I should be in shape for a little housecleaning! Crap!

It's supposed to rain for the next 3 or 4 days. Oh that'll really help. The grass will be 10" high when I get around to weedwhacking. (sigh).

I've been knitting. Trying to finish the second red sock. Got past the heel; working on the instep. No spinning. (sigh).

BH has all his work done outside. All the wood cut, split and stacked for next year -- well until Fall. He won't go into the woods now because of the ticks and soon to follow mosquitos. He has the yard all raked and cleaned up, storage shed cleaned and re-organized and all his fishing gear cleaned, organized, reels have been re-lined. Fishing season starts in 3 weeks. Bass fishing. I can't wait!

I don't fish. But I do love it when he's out of the house at 5:00am and gone until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Especially on my days off. Especially. I can putter. I love to putter. In my gardens; in my house. Things that are not on the everyday list of "needs to be done - today".

Ah, someday. An apartment. That's the key.

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Judy said...

And they say age is only in the mind...I know it isn't after a day in the garden. I hope you are feeling better soon.