Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Been How Long??..........

Holy Cow - is the world spinning at mach speed or what?! I didn't realize that so much time has elapsed since my last post. Wow!

Been busy - very busy. Easter came and went without a hitch. Actually the only holiday I get gaga over is Christmas. The rest is just the year moving on.

**Son moved into his apartment last week. Well, moved isn't quite right. He does have some stuff over there; the rest is here - and probably will be for quite some time!

**The bunny is gone with him. I kind of miss her. The first few days it was like "oh, I gotta feed the bunny"; "oh, I gotta let the bunny out of her cage". Silly me! And everytime I walk into the dining room, I see a big empty space where her cage was. Kind of sad, really. Kind of happy, really. Now I have to find a piece of furniture for that empty place!

**We went to other son's and fiance's last weekend. We never got together over the Christmas holiday. Tried to get there for Easter, but she had to work all weekend. We had a great time! Got to see their 52" flat screen TV , mounted on the wall, with 6 speakers placed around the living room. Geez! Oh, it's nice - huge picture, clear as all getout, sounds like you're in a movie theater, but holy crype -- I could think of hundreds of things I'd rather do with that kind of money. Know what I mean?

**Still in the "Spring cleaning" mode at work. Probably last another 2 weeks. Yuk. What a pain in the arse.

**Tomorrow I plan on cleaning out the spare room that was previously known as "son's room". Spring cleaning and all. Then I can move the many tubs of wool back into the closet that is now stored in the old house. Since I painted that room last Summer, I just have to wash the walls down, clean all the bedding (I need new bedding because the bunny went crazy making holes in the blanket and comforter and tore up 2 pillows! -- isn't she the cutest thing!) and shampoo the carpeting.

**Next is cleaning and painting our bedroom. Double closets there that need to be emptied out.

**Might have to go back to NY to help out with my dad. Looking at the end of April/beginning of May, according to my sister.

**Daughter has made 3 trips to the doctor in the last 3 weeks. One was a result of going to the ER with chest pains. Diagnosed as a panic attack.

**She is still having trouble with her cat, who has diabetes. Goes along for a few weeks just fine, then seems to run into trouble. Always after a visit to the vet, too. Don't know what the hell is going on there! She (daughter, not cat) called tonight to say the cat was acting strange again. She (cat, not daughter) was just at the vet Monday for blood test and check up.

**Stepson will be going back to Seattle soon for work. Now we're on hold until he finds out just when. We will be taking him to the airport -- again.

**I have to track down and clean out 8 super large storage totes that belonged to our friend in the nursing home. Long story. She bought them when she moved to her apartment. Asked us to store them for her. A few months later she told us to go ahead and us them, or give them to anyone who needed them. We did. Now her brother informs me that she will be going into Assisted Living. She told him we have her storage totes that they will need to pack up her apartment. I know I'm going to have to buy about 3 of them to replace the ones that I have given away. She had 11 in all!

**I look out the window and see the Stella d'Oro's are starting to come up. Crap!! I have to thin them out and plant another area. Better get at that next week. I still have to clean up the flower beds around the house and put down new mulch. Might as well get out all the lawn ornaments and landscape lights too.

**Believe it or not, I have been doing a lot of spinning! and still keeping at the knitting. Yea for me!

**Spring has sprung -- and the race is on!!

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Judy said...

You have been busy. Next month will be like that for me...shearing, lambing, daughter moving, end of the year school concerts etc, son's track meets and the garden. Woman have to great at multitasking otherwise our list would never see a dent!