Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's All Good!.......

How good can it get?! We have been in the high 60's since the beginning of the week. Sunshine! What a mental and physical awakening. The birds are coming back. Saturday there must have been 8-10 yellow finches at the bird feeders. They are so beautiful; and then there were these ruby-headed birds, though I don't know what they are. The ruby and yellow colors were a sight to see. The chipmunks are out and about too!

Haven't checked on the perenials yet; most are still covered with hay and leaves. Maybe I'll get a chance to do that this weekend. Gotta split the day lillies and Stella d'Oros and maybe the hostas. That means making a couple more flower beds. Don't know where or how I want to plan it out yet.

My dad made it through his first chemo treatment with no after effects. He went for his second treatment yesterday; won't know about that til later this week.

And son-who-found-a-job also got an apartment! He can move in on the first of April. Can it get any better!!!! Things are finally coming together. Thank you, Lord.

For Easter our sons and grandson are coming for dinner. Daughter is staying home, having dinner with her girlfriend. Weird, because Easter Sunday is also daughter's birthday - her 40th. I was planning on having birthday cake. Oh well, maybe we'll get a chance to take her out for dinner sometime next week.

Finished the cabled socks. Haven't taken pictures yet, but I will post them soon. Still spinning, almost done with the blue glitz.

We got a nice surprise from ---- of all places ----- the IRS!!! Seems we missed a deduction on our tax return. We got more money back!! Although this makes me a little leary, thinking this is a mistake and we'll be hearing from them again soon telling us so and wanting their money back. Ah, what the hell ----Walmart, here we come!!! Home Depot, get ready!! Paint, wallpaper, new curtains ---- yaaahoooo!! Maybe even some new solar lights for outside!! Now I'm REALLY getting Spring fever!!

Well, BH is still in bed; CSpan is garbage today; I'm going to spin for a while. You all have a great day!

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Judy said...

Thngs are looking up here too! We hit 70 degrees today and are due for higher temps for the next 5 days. I moved the tomato seedlings into the greenhouse, which is probably premature but I will deal with that later. Now to just eat enough Wheaties to deal with all that needs to be done outside!