Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spinning My Wheel(s).......

Alrighty, then. I have finally gotten back to spinning.....for 3 days now! Well, not actually days....I should be so lucky. But enough hours that I am just about finished with the sky blue. Then it occured to me last night that I have a light blue cloud of mohair/wool with glitz in one of my stash totes. Son-of-a-gun!! I do believe I will ply that with the sky blue! Then the denim blue I will ply with a navy blue....and beads!
Wow, I just got my pictures to upload where I want them! This was always a struggle; frustrating! This will be a banner day! I can feel it in my, it's not arthritis.
Straighten up the house; fold the laundry; make a pot of Chicken Chow Mein for supper and chocolate pudding for dessert. And Spin, spin, spin. Wish me luck! You know how the gremlins of best laid plans can rear their ugly heads!!
Rain in the forecast for today. I don't mind the rain when it's fairly warm warm, I mean anything above freezing. This is Minnesota, after all.
A good day to stay inside with the wood stove pumping out just enough warmth to be cozy and comfortable and.......spin! I'm going back at it right now while BH is snoozing in the recliner. It's very quiet. I love quiet.
Everyone have a great day!

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Judy said...

Just got up from spinning for about an hour, hope you got your time to spin too.