Monday, March 15, 2010

The Rabbit Ate My Driveband...........

You know, like "the dog ate my homework". No joke. BH and I were finishing up breakfast Friday, the bunny was running around. She likes to sit under my traditional wheel that I have covered with a tablecloth. But today was different. Do I hear the scraping of wood? Indeed, I do. She's chewing at the treadle! Shoo, shoo, I tell least a half dozen times. Sit down. BH says "what's that thing hanging from the wheel?" "What thing?" says I, irritated, up from my chair, walking towards the wheel. Then I see it. Yep. The driveband is hanging like a limp spaghetti strand. She gets scolded and put back in her cage. I pull off the piece of twine. Oh well. Easy enough to replace.

That day I go over to the storage house because I know I have tons of twine somewhere that will work. Aha! I find it - a whole roll. She can chew til her heart's content! I can replace the driveband! Of course, I have not replaced the drive band yet. Why? you ask. Because the bobbin is white merino --- I'm not working on white merino just yet. I'm still finishing up the blue on my Joy wheel.

Yes, I did manage to get a good amount of spinning in last week. Many hours, in fact. Just about done with this color.

Today I am exhausted. Got up at 3:00am to make sure son-who-has-a-job-now got up in time to head back to the Cities for work. He was too tired to leave Sunday. Put on a pot of coffee so he could take a cup with him; he didn't want a cup of coffee. I drank 2 cups and went back to bed at 4:00am. Couldn't sleep. Was it the coffee? Possibly. Got up; it's now 5:10am. Turned on local morning news; got another cup of coffee and resumed knitting on the cable sock. Had more coffee; turned on CSpan; more coffee. Oh geezz, 6:15. I better get in the shower. Put on a fresh pot of coffee for BH.

I am sooooo looking forward to my 2 days off this week. So far, no errands, appointments or shopping in the forecast. 2 free days!! A little housework, a little laundry, a little cooking ----- and hopefully, hopefully ----- a lot of spinning!!

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Judy said...

Enjoy your days off. Hope nothing pops up on your schedule. Enjoy the spinning.