Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Thoughts.........

It's late. I should be in bed. But if I go to bed too early, I wake up a few times during the night....thinking it must be time to get up. I love waking up early. By myself. Turning the coffee pot on. Taking the first cup before the pot is full. Enjoying the quiet. By myself. Then, within a few minutes, I hear's all over.


I have a "faceyspacey" page. Tonight I felt like finding old friends from high school. Are you kidding me? You have 129 friends? I don't even know 129 people!

Age Is Just a Number.......

While perusing said website, I came across some pictures of these high school friends. OMG!! I ran to the mirror. Do I look THAT old?? Holy Crap! No way! What the hell happened to those people?! WOW! Even my kids don't look as old as their age, in my humble opinion.

When Do I Get My Time?

Ok, here's the truth of the I want to retire - again.
I have no time for myself. No real time, that is. Oh yeah, I can sneak in an hour or two throughout the day. That's not "time" - that's a coffee break. I'm talking the whole day - to do whatever strikes my fancy.

That's What Mother's Do.......

Remember that saying from a commercial? I can't recall which one; just remember a daughter saying something and then the mom, in an old and decrepid voice, with a smile on her face, saying "that's what mother's do". Who says?! Where is it written? What contract was that? I know I didn't sign anything like that. What definition are these people attaching to "mother"? I do believe that after a certain amount of years, when children have become adults, "Mother" is a term associated with a special day of the year for honoring, thanking and appreciation. You're work is done! Like the Judge says "stick a fork in me, I'm done".

Spring Cleaning........

Oh yeah. That's rich. Things at work are slowing down. It's not the holiday season; snowmobile season is all but over; no funerals or weddings. Now Spring cleaning will be starting at the hotel shortly. Last year was my first experience with this. I haven't done Spring cleaning in my own house in the past 4 years!! Are these people crazy?! This involves everything! washing walls; flipping beds; washing all the furniture; taking the plumbing apart and cleaning out the pipes! I kid you not. Reglueing the baseboards; painting the walls. I am a "housekeeper"; not a maintainence person. Yes, I need to retire.

Make a List........

Here we go. I do get the urge to do things in the house when the weather starts getting nice. I've had 4 gallons of paint sitting in the closet for the last.......4 years. It's on my list.
*Paint the bedroom; family room; utility room and bathroom
*Paint the ceilings in the kitchen and dining room
*Remove wallpaper from kitchen, dining room and hallway. Replace with new paper.
*Make new curtains for the dining room
*Find or make new drapes for the family room
*Shampoo the sofa, recliners and carpets
*Clean out all the closets and paint where appropriate
*Clean out kitchen cabinets
Then there's yard work. I won't get into that now. I am totally exhausted.


Judy said...

Even if you retire there are still not enough hours in the day. I am a SAHM and the kids go to school all day and I still have lists a mile long! And forget having them help on a continous basis!! I do believe if "mother" was ever defined properly and we weren't fooled by those first few years of cuteness that humans would be extinct.

Linda said...

Amen, Judy! LOL