Thursday, March 25, 2010

And She's Off!..........

Ok. BH left at 5:00am, driving to North Dakota to pick up son coming home from Seattle.

I did some knitting; halfway through the second cabled sock! Made the bed; changed sheets on the guest bed; did 2 loads of laundry; took a container of bean soup out of the freezer for dinner; added wood in the wood stove (it's 10 degrees here this morning! above zero, so that's good); reconciled my check ledger; made a new drive band for the spinning wheel. I haven't put it on yet; I sure hope it works. I dipped the end in wax; waiting for it to dry.

I'm going to feed, water and exercise the bunny; run the sweeper over the floors and then I think I will spin!! Almost done with the blue cloud with glitz. I found a bobbin of painted single ply. This will be perfect to ply with it. And I'm already thinking of what will be the next color on the wheel. After I get back to finishing the white merino on the currently driveband -less wheel! Because I've got plans for that, too!

I'm also thinking of what to knit up next. I don't mind having 2 or 3 things going at the same time, but it takes longer to finish one of them up when bouncing among them all. At least it takes the boredom out.

Supposed to be a very nice day here today. The sun is shining brightly! I love days like this. Tomorrow is back to work......aarrgghhhh.

Have a great day!

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Judy said...

Hope you got losts of fiber arts done and had a wonderfully relaxing day.