Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Mind Meanders.......

What a week this has been so far. Monday, no work; Tuesday, no work; Wednesday and tomorrow, days off from work. Did I mind? Hell no. Son stayed Sunday night again, which meant getting up at 3:00am to make sure he was up. Which he wasn't. Was out with his friend the night before, maybe tipping a few, I'm not sure. But he came home at 10:00pm, said he was going to bed, and off he went. Well when I woke him up at 3:10, he got up, and went directly back to bed. I asked him if he was awake, he said yes, so I went back to bed. He did get up, washed up, packed up and off he went about 3:45.

I tried to go back to sleep. Couldn't. Laid in bed thinking at least I was resting and that was good. Got up at 5:15. And so the day went. Did some spinning, knitting, straightened up the house, went to the store for a few things and took care of the bunny. Talked to my sister Monday night about my dad's consult with the chemotherapist.

Tuesday, called work; no work. Ok. I've got things to do. Namely, my daughter has her re-certification for her subsidized apartment on Wednesday. I need to get all her financial records in order. Cleaned the house somewhat and did a load of laundry. And took care of the bunny.

Today, went to daughter's. Took care of her appointment. Then I had to evaluate her hip. She hurt it at work last Thursday. This is the hip she has had 3 replacements for in the last 14 years. She called the orthopedic center; they're booked till next week. Call the Urgent Care clinic. Got an appointment for this afternoon. I cleaned out her vacuum cleaner - the kind you don't need replacement bags for, so the dust and dirt and hair cling to the canister and the filter and the whirly tubey thingy. Egads! Give me the bag anyday. Then she wanted me to clean her humidifier. Forgetaboutit! Why do they make things you can't clean?? Things as important as giving you clean, cool air?? The opening on the tank is too small to get anything in there to clean the tank; the fan housing is not removable, so you can't clean the blades on the fan that are gunked up with dust and hair and the filter - OMG - even after soaking it in bleach, it was still horrible. We threw the thing in the garbage. I told her we will look for a better model next year --- one we can actually clean -- all the parts!!

Oh, and the doctor's appointment --- they took xrays and he determined that everything was in place; she probably pulled a ligament or tendon which takes a very long time to heal. Recommended she go to PT; and gave her a note for work stating "light duty" until Monday and return to regular work on Tuesday! Does this not negate the "takes a long time to heal" diagnosis??!! Well, I'll tell you what -- PT is OUT! I don't want her hip messed with. I think we'll opt for the appointment with the orthopedic surgeon when we can get one. Until then, she will ice and heat the area, take Tylenol and stay off her feet as much as possible.

That's right. Every mom knows "MD" should follow their names!

This may sound paranoid, but I get the feeling that since the Health Care Bill passed the other day, this medical runaround is a forebearer of things to come!
Why? Because she's a regular patient at the orthopedic center; they know her history and they know how critical it is to make sure her hip socket does not pop out of place, being that she can't really feel a lot of pain and she can still walk on a popped out socket!

I'm rambling, I know...........sorry.

BH is leaving tomorrow at 5:00am to pick up son (who went to Seattle 2 weeks ago for work but is coming back home) in North Dakota! Yes, they're not flying home - I don't know why. But got a ride from his friend's father who lives in Montana and is an OTR truck driver. He's dropping them off about an hour from Fargo heading west.

I asked him if he wanted me to go, he said no, he told the guys he would be picking them up by himself. What the hell does that mean? Maybe they want to have some quality guy time -- in a car--driving for 7 hours or so -- stopping at fast food places, or worst yet, gas stations, to eat and listening to Rolling Stones music all the way. Don't ask.

Ok by me. I get quality time, too. Finally. All day. Hallelujah!!

The computer? Oh, it seems from son who is the computer tech that the modem we got when the cable company hooked up our high speed is outdated! That's right. It's been discontinued by the manufacturer. Not even any firmware for it.
So, he says to disconnect the modem for a few minutes, plug it back in, wait a few minutes more and then turn on the computer. Had to do this twice since this past weekend. So far, it works. But the day it doesn't --- look out. That's going to be one phone call you'll be glad you're not answering at the cable company!!

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Judy said...

As much as I would be lost without my computer I hate them. I bought a wireless connection for my sons Xbox and wasted two days and 8 hours of my life calling between my ISP, the wireless router company and Xbox trying to get it to work. Each of them passed the ball to the other and then back again. I got rave compliments for being a great mom and doing all that for him and then he "forgot" to bring in the know the one thing he was asked to do. Yup you guessed it he was on Xbox. Enjoy your quality time.