Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Day

Good day today. Left the house at 8:45am to take son and his buddy to the airport. They're going to Seattle for work. We had a good trip down to the Cities; lots of rain and fog today, but kind of warm. We dropped them off - they didn't want us to wait around til flight time, 2 1/2 hours later. I was kind of nervous. We got their tickets for them - etickets. Had some doubts that the tickets would be okay; worried that the flight might be cancelled due to the weather. But all went well. They arrived in Seattle at 8:10pm pt.

After we dropped them off we headed out to see our friend in the rehab home. She just got back there after spending 10 days in the hospital with pneumonia. She looks awfully drawn. Said she was feeling very tired. We visited for about 25 minutes; brought her the flannel shirts she wanted from her apartment. Then they came to take her to the dining room for lunch. We were going to join her, but it was crowded with residents. So we said our goodbyes, we'll see her in a couple of weeks, and left for home. We stopped for lunch and continued on our way. Rained all day and the fog was pretty heavy in areas. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow and Friday. But at least most of the snow is gone!

Tomorrow is house cleaning, laundry, maybe some grocery shopping. Same ol', same ol'.

I am still knitting the cabled socks. Had to rip the heel out 4 times before I finally got it right! And I've done this sock pattern before! The gusset is done, now just finish the foot - and then knit it's mate.

Still haven't touched my spinning wheels since don't know when. Oh, I think about them every day - "I'm going to do some spinning today". Nada. I even went through my stash of accessories (I can't think of the right word here - tired? or brain fart?) and found 2 tubes of glass beads in all different shades of blue. I think I'm going to spin them onto the denim colored roving to ply with the sky blue I'm (cough)spinning now. That'll be pretty.

Embellishments, that's the word! geezz.

Well here's hoping for tomorrow. "After all -- tomorrow is -- another day". I've gotta get some sleep.

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Judy said...

We will be getting that rain thru the weekend. They are calling for 1-2 inches of rain. The snow will be gone and hopefully no more will fall until atleast Oct. Have a great weekend.