Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wow, that was scarry! I signed in to the blog only to be told my password was wrong. When we switched to high speed, and I had to notify everyone of the email change, I knew I needed to re-write all my passwords down. No, I did not.
I really think I should make that a priority today. My mind ain't what it used to be!

Right now I am waiting for son-who-found-a-job to come home. Thought he would've been here last night - especially since the Bunny has to go to the vet today for a nail trim. But he's not here. Appointment is in 2 1/2 hours. It takes nearly 45 minutes to get there. It's probably my fault. We were talking about this last week. I had to cancel her appointment because he didn't think I could handle her. Pppfff. Handle a 3 pound bunny. Be serious. Of course I can handle her. All I need is something to tempt her with to get in the carrier, get out of the carrier and onto the exam table, and something to tempt her to get back in the carrier. Pick her up? No, no. I can't pick her up - she jumps out of my arms as if I were wearing a wolf costume!

Ah, but today, I just might have to handle her. OMG.

I took the weekend off from work. Right now I am regretting that decision. Why did I do that. Because I was tired, stressed and thought it would be a nice weekend to go to the Cities to see my brother. Now, not so much. Mainly because as of this past Monday, we found out we will be taking our other son to the MSP airport. He's going to Seattle for work. Looks like he will be moving there permanently. I can barely get myself to go to the Cities on a good day, much less have to make 2 trips down there in a week. Been there; done that. Move on.

So another free weekend, another bust. I think I'll call work tomorrow and see if they need me.

BH is in a funky mood. The weather has been terrific all week; will be for nearly another week. But the snow is not melting fast enough. He can't get outside and "do things". It's definitely not fishing season (his kind of fishing, not ice fishing). And he can't saw, chop and stack wood in the snow. He's crabby. Which does not make for a fun weekend. I need an apartment.

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