Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Still Here.......

I haven't forgotten about the blog. I thought about it every day. Just been so busy around here. Spring cleaning you know. Yes. Spring. Cleaning. I know. I can't believe it myself! There's only so much dust and grime I can take. I do have my limits.

The weather has been beautiful; warm and sunny. Really boosts my energy level. Got the spare bedroom done; the hallway and linen closet; the bathroom and now moving on to our bedroom. Closets are cleaned out; winter clothes stored; summer ones put in the drawers. Now I have to wash the walls and ceiling, the blinds, curtains and bedding and paint the room.

I want to get at least this much done before we head back to NY to visit my dad.

Then I can tackle the kitchen, dining room and family room.
The flower beds need to be cleaned up and mulched; weed whacking is at a "needs to be done now" status. Luckily it's raining this weekend! I can't think about that right now; I'll think about it tomorrow; afterall.......tomorrow is........another day!

And.... hold on to your bobbins.......I've also been spinning and knitting! "Impossible" you say; "no way"; "not this gal" ? Well.......

Yep! Pretty good, huh? The brown cabled socks; the blue/glitz 3 ply (I have 4 full bobbins) and the red/glitz 2ply which is another pair of socks in the crocodile pattern, one finished; the other half done. Sorry the pictures aren't terrific, but I was in a hurry to get them posted. You won't believe this...or maybe you will....this is the third time I've written this post with the pictures. Tried twice yesterday; ran out of time; couldn't get the draft to show up as a continuing post, yadayadayada. Deleted the whole damn thing and started over.
Well now that the wheel is warmed up and the needles are smokin', I think I'm going back at it. It's 5:30 am; I have an hour and half to kill. I've been getting up at 5:00am these past few mornings; don't know why; except that I get into this early rising mode every Spring and Summer. I love getting up early. By myself. Peaceful. Quiet. I get things done. If I'm quiet. Fishing season starts in a few weeks. BH will be getting up early, getting out on the lake. Then I can really get things done! Peacefully. Quietly. By myself.

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