Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Help Here, Please...........

**I did call into work to say I wouldn't be coming in today. Twisted my hip out again. Everything is cool.

**Spent yesterday on the recliner. However, at 9:00am, a commercial is on tv; a car commercial about auto parts. "Holy Crap"! I yelled to BH. "We have to get the car up to the shop for an oil change by 10:30"! Now you know we have to take both vehicles so we can come home together. "I'll drive the van; easier to get in and out of than the car" says me.

Back home; on the recliner; pop 2 ibuprofen; get out the heating pad; have a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies; fall asleep.

**Wake up at 12:30pm. Really? I thought it was about 3:00. Crap. Fall back asleep until said 3:00pm. Another cup of stale coffee. Still in pain. "Let's do the bills" I say to BH. We get those done; "you're going to mail them tomorrow, right?" says he. "NO, I Want To Mail Them Today!" Geez, what is it with men?! And we now have to go back to the garage and pick up the car.

"I'll drive the van" says BH. "I'll drive" (me).
(BH): "But you're going to the store, right?"
(Me): "Yeah, buy you can just drive the van back home.....never mind. You drive the van."
(BH): "I'll mail the bills on the way home"
A little background here: BH is in his ratty, stained, wholely sweat pants which he does not want to change into his jeans to get the car. Hence, he wants to drop me off and leave. I, too, am in wholely, paint-marked sweatpants, but I don't give a crap!

We proceed to get into the van; me on the passenger side --- my right hip is the one I can barely move. I have to step up about 18" to get into the van ---- Get the picture?! I have to twist my body to slide into the seat.

(Me): "Ohhh, this is not good. I have to twist my hip to get into the seat. Ow, ow, ow, shit"
(BH): "Why didn't you tell me that's why you wanted to drive the van?"

Right about now, I'm mentally recalling CSI episodes in which a spouse is murdered without any immediate evidence acknowledged.

Got the car; got into the car, which feels like getting into a Corvette at this moment; went to the store and home. 2 more ibuprofen and on the recliner. BH does dinner -- Hungry Man dinners. Easy enough.

Talked to my son's fiance last night; wished her Happy Birthday. Told her about my hip and my medical capabilities. She tells me to apply ice. Heat makes it feel better, but the ice reduces the swelling. OK! I'll do it! Did it. And it does feel much much better! Thank you, Keri! (she's in school for nursing).

Well, it does feel better today. Not wonderful. Just better. I told BH I think I'll get back to putting our bedroom back together. He said "NO". "OK, but I'll do it tonight". "Fine" he says. That's the plan.

I managed to get the room painted Wednesday. We had to move a dresser into the hallway; remove the drawers from both dressers. They have been sitting on the floor and sofa in the family room for 2 days now. Curtains and blinds are still sitting in the spare room; carpet still needs shampooing before we can put all the furniture back in the bedroom.

I still have to get the rest of the house cleaned, tons of laundry to do, get to Walmart to get a new cell phone; drop off daughter's summer clothes to her and get some groceries in the house before we leave for NY. Oh, and packing to be done.

I hope all this doesn't come back to bite me in the arse -- besides my hip!

Thank you, Judy, for your well wishes!

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