Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bats in the Belfry.......conclusion

So now it's been 5 nights and no sign of the horrid invaders.  We have plugged, taped, insulated and sealed every hole, crack, crevice, vent and pipe we can.  We have moved furniture, swept behind those we couldn't with a broom handle and yardstick;  taken down curtains and checked under blinds and shades.

I am still skitish and apprehensive.  There is a light on in every room from dusk till the sun is high in the sky the next morning.  My eyes still dart everywhere as I walk from room to room.  This may last a week or two or a month or two.  Or never alleviate.  It's sad to be captive in your own home.

From the inspector/exterminator we learned this:

Bats usually don't enter a mobile home.  It's very rare.  They're mostly looking for high places to roost.  (Really??  Hmmm....I think we should change our name to "Murphy")  This does nothing for my peace of mind.

Bats can enter a hole as small as the tip of your pinkie finger, or a space no bigger than 1/2".  Check the tip of your pinkie finger......yep......that's right!

They get in between walls as well as the usual attics and ceilings.  They will hibernate all year long, coming out when they need to drink.

Unlike mice, they don't chew their way through anything to create an entrance, but rather enter through an existing opening.

They will lay dormant in your house until they need a drink, which could be 3 weeks or so;  then come out of hiding, flying around, looking for that drink.  Therefore, the statement from that yahoo who told me "they'll be dead in 2 days" was definitely wrong!

July and August are the worst times.  The young are getting ready to leave the "nursery".  The mother will follow them in flight.  If the young fly into a pipe or space, mother will be right behind them.

Once they leave a nest or nursery, they will return to the same spot to roost.  So getting them out of the house doesn't mean you got them out.....they will come back if they can.

They will not fly into a person or attack you unless they feel threatened.  When they're chasing you down the hall, they're really not chasing you, but looking for a way out.  Again.....does nothing for my peace of mind.

Bats can fly through an 800+ sq. ft. home in......10 seconds!!

Signs of invasion are poops the size of mouse droppings.  But mouse droppings will squish when rubbed with your fingers; bat droppings will disintegrate like dust and you'll see evidence of bug wings and such.  Also gray streaks running down the outside or inside walls.....urine.

Putting up "bat houses" outside is a good deterent to keep them from finding ways into your home.  Ehhhh, yeah.  I'm not sold on the idea of providing a place for them to roost.  I'd just as soon they find somewhere else....far, far away.

And that's pretty much it.  I pray that my anxieties will ease very soon and things will really get back to normal around here.  Although, I may never be able to watch another "Batman" movie.......ever!!


Heather said...

When we lived in MN, we had a herd (flock, colony? Murder?) of bats living in our house above a window. We didn't bother them, and they didn't bother us. The one time a bat got into the house, the cats caught it so fast I couldn't even react.

On the bright side, they do eat 2500 insects a day, or something like that, the majority of which are mosquitoes.. Sorry for all your trouble, hopefully they're gone!

hawknitr13 said...

hi linda, i just read about your 'problem'... oh my!! reminds me of our one bat in the house (2 houses ago!). it came in thru an opening around the furnace vent in the basement laundryroom. we lived in kind of a wooded area. it flew around in the upstairs main floor. i went & hid in the bedroom with the door shut!! my husband's daughter's boyfriend got a tennis racket to swat it with... i'm not even sure how they caught it! but duct tape sure worked wonders around that vent!! ha
just wanted to say hi... my name's Linda too! nice to meet you! are you on Ravelry? i'm lbquilts. i love your two knitting sheep!
i hope you're DONE with the 'flying black things'!

Linda said...

Hey Linda! Nice to "meet" you. Yes, I'm on Ravelry, too, as Batts in the Belfry. I haven't been visiting there much, and I've still got to figure out how to post items in my notebook! But drop by here when you can. Love the song on your "Black sheep" blog site! Happy knitting!