Thursday, September 13, 2012

Can You Say "Hibernation?".........

It's coming...definitely coming.  As we drive down the 2-lane highway, the trees are more and more turning crimson.  What a beautiful sight.  This morning, I sit contemplating if we will put the A/C's away this weekend.  I think so.  39 degrees this morning.  Daytime highs predicted from high 60's to high 70's for another week.  The fans should definitely do the job, should some very warm air find its way into the house.

Daughter had her "sleep-over" at the sleep institute Tuesday night.  Her doctor is concerned that she has sleep apnea.  We arrived there at 7:15 yesterday morning to collect her and hear what the sleep doctor had to say.

Why, yes.  She does have sleep apnea.  And from there, he described the results of her testing, what can happen if left untreated, how the machine works, etc.   So, from there we went to the medical apparatus department so daughter could be fitted with the "Darth Vader" head gear.

I need to interject here that upon hearing the results, BH asked me as we were driving home, "I'd like to know how many people who go for this test are told they don't have sleep apnea; that there must be another cause.  I'll bet everyone who submits to this overnight test is told they have the disorder".   To which, I absolutely agree.  C'est le vie.

An hour later, we're walking out of the office with travel case in hand, holding all the paraphenalia.  Now we just need to stop at Walmart to pick up distilled water, a surge-protector electric bar, non-alcohol baby wipes and baby shampoo.  All tools for the cleaning and operation of the aforementioned head gear.

Back at her apartment, I hooked everything up, reminded her how to clean all the pieces, how to put on the aparatus, blah,blah,blah.  And we left for home.

Oh, I forgot to mention.....we stayed overnight at her apartment.  I talked BH into coming with me.  Sometimes, I just get anxious about being alone.  He didn't fight me, he readily agreed, but I know this is not his thing!  He does not like sleeping at other people's homes.  So, needless to say, neither of us got a good night's sleep. 

Daughter and I were talking about this in the technician's office.  The tech asked me "do you think you should be tested for sleep apnea, too?" (It seemed the question was dead serious).

"Ehhhh, no.  I know what's causing my not getting a restful sleep.  Anxiety, too many thoughts running through my head, and not sleeping in my own bed".

Thanks anyway.


Judy said...

Our temps are about the same right now. I too am looking forward to fall....not winter yet though as I need more firewood split. Have a great weekend.

Rani said...

As soon as the leaves began to turn down here, I started to yawn! Seriously. I think my body is getting old or something.

My dad has a machine. He hates it, but . . . it really does help him sleep through the night. Keeps my mom up, though. ;-)