Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're On Our Way!........

So Tuesday we had to go to daughter's.....her remote to her brand new flat screen TV......doesn't work!  That's right...2 weeks old.   Doesn't work.  Nothing.  Like it's dead.  Not making connection with the TV.  I called the company....seems we need to test the remote with an am/fm radio.  Okkkeeyyy......I tell the rep we're an hour away from her and her TV, and she doesn't have a radio.  It will have to wait until next Tuesday when I see her again.  Call the service department then.....with the radio.  Aaarrgghhh!

But that's not the topic of this post.  We had an hour to kill before picking her up from work.  BH says "let's take a drive around those apartments again."   We did.  Then he says "let's go to the office and pick up some information."   We did.  The manager explained the layouts, the rent, the amenities.  And she said "I can show you one of the apartments if you would like to see it."   And we did.

Holy crap!!  OMG!!   This is it!  This is where I want to live!  Like tomorrow.  Beautiful place; 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, huge living/dining room, all appliances including full size washer and dryer and A/C!  A little deck off the living room.   I was in heaven!  Underground garage, with storage units, and a car washing station.'s a 55+ ONLY building!  No young families, no little children, no 20-yr olds rooming with a bunch of buddies.   Now!  I want to move now!

So BH agreed this could be the place.  We make plans.  1 1/2 years from now, we are moving.  2 more winters here; 1 more complete Spring and Summer.  Then come Spring 2014, we will be in our new apartment.  In the meantime, there's down sizing to do, totally clean out the old farm house, and pay down bills.....a lot of bills.   But we can do it!  So, with our "eyes on the prize".....we both agreed to an austerity budget.

I am soooo happy I can hardly contain myself.  Can't wait to tell all the kids..."we're moving into an apartment.  The house is being sold".

BH and I have been talking about this for the last 2 years.  When do we think it'll be time to give up the house;  what would be the determining factor.  Health?  Financial?  Tired of the constant upkeep and "have-to's"?   I think the events of last week really made up his mind.  He was kind of not sold on the idea of apartment living, worried he would have nothing to do, no where to roam, take a walk, have the privacy of his own land and home. 

But with the flooding this Spring, him having to move 3,500 pieces of firewood out of the basement, clean the basement, stack all the wood back in the basement, begin logging again now for next winter, cutting the grass every week (6 acres.....done with a push mower!), the problem all last week and all the other interruptions and necessary deeds.....he's ready.  Thank the Lord!

I am giddy with excitement!  I hope this year and a half fly by.  I hope God gives me all the energy to organize, declutter and prepare for the move.  I hope our budget stays workable.  I hope the house sells fast when the time comes.   I hope my curtains will fit the windows in our new apartment!

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Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

That is such a big decision to make, but it sounds like you and your BH are doing something about your future that will bring you comfort and happiness. Good for you!