Friday, September 7, 2012

Definitely Not My Week........

So, after dealing with the "invaders" last week, we were looking forward to things getting back to normal.  No sign of anything.  But I still have all the lights on when we go to bed.  Except for the bedroom.....but the bathroom (right next to the bedroom) light stays on......til the sun is high in the sky!

I'm getting better.......the lights don't go on now til about 7:30.....vs. 6:30 last week.  Someday.....

Anywho, I finished the first blue cabled sock, put the toe stitches on stitch holders and tried it on.  Yep.  Needs to be frogged.  The heel is too small and tight.  Don't like how the gusset is stretched to the max.  And because the foot is long, very difficult to scrunch up the sock to put it over the foot.  Damn!!

So this morning I picked a size larger needle, re-wrote my directions for the cable ('cause I still want cabled socks) and casted on the stitches.  Worked 3 rows of ribbing.  Have not frogged the other sock yet; just didn't have the heart right now.  Nor did I have the energy to rip and wind all that yarn.

Checked the bank account to make sure all the bills were posted.  Egads!!  4 of them.....all big payments  were posted twice!!!     Our account is in the hundreds of dollars!!!  Checked and double checked the bills, the check register....printed out  the statement and went up to the bank. 

Yes, they are aware of the problem.  There was a glitch in the computer system...not on their end.....but on the "Fed's" (Federal Reserve??  I didn't ask).  The report the bank receives from the "Fed" had the double deducted payments on lots of accounts.  The bank officer assured me they are working on it now; we will not be charged overdraft fees; and their phones have been ringing off the hook with other customers.

She did advise me to keep checking our account to make sure that all the payments aren't deleted.....I would have to pay the bills all over again.  Why, thank you.  Thank you very much.

Yesterday was the day I would put the zipper in the long-ago-finished-sweater.  Yep. That was the day.  Got out all the sewing gadgets and supplies, the zipper and straight pins.  Laid out the sweater; put the first half down on the grograin ribbon.  Whaatttt??????  The zipper is 2" too long.  omg.  I must've included the collar when I measured.  Damn!  Now I have to buy another zipper next week when I go to daughter's.  Put the sweater and sewing paraphenalia back.

Every night this week, I planted in my brain that the next day would be house cleaning day.  And that next day has come and gone....every day.  No house cleaning.  The kitchen gets cleaned up; the bathroom sink, tub and toilet get cleaned; the TV screen gets dusted off; the bed gets made and linens changed regularly.  That's it.  No more dusting, no vacuuming, no rug shaking, no dustmopping, no floor mopping. Ehhh, what the hell.

I notice I've been sneezing a lot lately. 

Grandson texted me he's coming over today after school and staying for supper.  Pulled the stuffed pork chops, extra stuffing and buttered noodles out of the freezer.  Gotta get to the store for more stuffing and applesauce.

Then I'm going to sit and knit on the new sock.  I'm exhausted!

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Judy said...

Glad there has not been anymore night visitors. I had planned to start fall cleaning but the tomatoes and beans are holding me hostage right now. I hate to let them go bad but I am getting exhausted just looking at them!