Friday, December 17, 2010

BH Goes Christmas Shopping......and Other Scarey Stories

Yesterday was BH's shopping day. He and son were going to mingle with the masses. Is there anything I need? Well, now that you mention it, yes.....

So, all showered, shaved and dressed in "going to town" clothes, he left at 9:30am. It's a beautiful, sunny day. Temps in the teens.....above zero. WhooHoo! "Be home before dark" are my parting words. I know. I know. But when all the kids are grown and gone, your husband must take their place. It has something to do with that regressing as you get older thing, I think. Him, not me.

Me? I'm going to get the decorations up and clean the house.

Put the Christmas music on the cd player and I'm ready. Every thing went well, though I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Even though only 1/4 of the decorations were going to see this season. It must be age. I guess I don't move as fast as I use to.....or thought I could. But I was satisfied. Will finish the rest today; not too much left to do.

Well, BH called about 3:00pm. He's doing fine. Is there anything else I need? No. That's about it.

He got home at 5:00pm. Accomplished everything on his list. Or so he thinks.

BH:"Ok. Here's your Christmas present, but don't look. You can't open it til Christmas Day".

ME: "Is it in a bag?"

BH: "No"

So here's the CD/radio/cassette player that I wanted. It looks like a beauty from the picture on the box.

BH: "Here's the humidifier you told me to pick up". Ok. The box looks just like the one daughter bought last week.
BH: "Here's the cake pans. Are they the right ones?" Why, yes. They're exactly the ones I told you to get. Good job!!

Alrighty, then. Let's get that humidifier out of the box and working. My skin is shriveling and scaling like a freakin' lizard. So upon removing the item from the box, I now realize that no, it's not the same one. This one has a lot of bells and whistles. Digitalized. Temp gauges. 4 buttons.

Great. Now I have to read a freakin' manual to operate this thing. I just want the one you put water in and turn it on! Well, onto the manual. Not too bad. Ok. Fill it up and turn it on. Sit down and read the rest of the manual.

Wait a minute. What's this? "Humidifier will start after 10 minutes, allowing for the water to start boiling". WHAT?! Water boiling?? Daughter's humidifier had a nice lukewarm mist that started instantaneously. I don't want boiling water!!

Ah, but there's more. "Unit will make noise as the water boils. If this is too loud, you can turn the speed down to Low".

Indeed. It DOES make noise. But with the wood stove motor going behind it, it's barely audible. For now.

ME: "How much did you pay for that? It was more than $42.00"
BH: "No. Well, I think it was $50. It was the only one they had other than a really small one"
ME: "Did you look on the bottom shelf. It was on the very bottom"
BH: "Yes. This was the only one like what you told me"

We now both go look at the thing. "You wanna take it back?" asks he. "I don't know. It's already got water in it" says I. (Like that would ever stop me from returning it!!) "Well, we'll see how it goes", says I.

Fa La La La La, Fa La La La!

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