Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Morning!!.......

Well how ya doing today? Me? Great!! I've been up since 4:15am ---- that's right --- a.m. Why? Because I can!! This is the first day I have all to myself. No work. No cleaning. No shopping. No baking; no cooking. OMG! I'm giddy with self-indulgence!!

BH and I got up at that time - he to put wood in the stove and me -- because it's morning. Put the coffee on. BH went back to bed. "What're you going to do?" he asks. Silly man. "Oh, maybe I'll pull out my knitting".

Well I did. The shawl I had to put away some weeks ago to do the necessary Christmassy things. So, I knitted 2 rows. And decided to check the internet. No mail. FB is boring, no news. Went to the blogs. Decided to check out some new ones, added a bunch more to "favorites". I really need more blogs to follow. Deleted a bunch that haven't been active for many months or even a year.

Had to get up and put more wood in the stove. Geezz, it's getting cold in here. Don't want BH getting up just yet. And put on a fresh pot of coffee. Hey, it's been over 3 hours. The pot's almost empty.

Can't wait to get back to spinning. I would've uncovered the wheel and got out the tub of roving, but I need to put together a plan of action! Don't like to go at these things willy nilly. I'm sure by tonight, all will be organized.

Oh, and I found a few free knitting patterns on the web. Printed those out, to be added to my 3-ring binder.

Holy crap, it's been a busy morning! It's only 7:30. Well, I think I'll go find that tub of roving -- so many choices, so much to choose from. This may be more difficult that I thought. Just close my eyes and grab one. Do some more knitting while watching GMA. And then --- who knows ---- the day is mine, all mine!!

(Note to self: DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE).

Have a happy one!!

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Judy said...

We had our 2nd Christmas (when my DD and SIL were able to make it) yesterday so today is the same for me. A big sigh and where do we go from here. I was on the net last night printing this off. Have to make a trip to town tomorrow so yarn purchase is on the agenda! Enjoy the time