Friday, December 31, 2010

A Very Happy New Year........

Today marks the end of another year. As John Lennon said: "another year over; and a new one just begun"........

This has been a year of trials and tribulations; of heartache and frustration; of sadness and joy; of hope and love.

We all resolve to go into the New Year making changes. To do better, to plan better, to accomplish more, to be more loving, more patient, more compassionate.

The powers that be will, of course, try to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing. But we need to stay above board, to keep our wits about us, to keep foraging onward.

What are your plans and expectations for the year? Mine is to have a more peaceful life. To not let people or situations get to me, put me in a funk, upset the goals I have in mind for myself and BH.

BH's constant saying to me is: "what's done is done. If you can't change it, you do the best you can at this moment and move on". He's so right. We spend most of our days, our emotional health, our heart, thinking we can always make it right. Many times we cannot. It is not within our power. People and situations will be what they will be. The question to ask is: "What is best I can do at this moment?"
Let's all pray for:

a better economic state. That those unemployed will find fullfilling employment.

that people will not lose their homes.

that no one will go hungry.

that children everywhere will once again be looked upon as a gift from God; to be nurtured, cared for, protected and loved as He intended. They are our future. They are a product of ourselves. May we all open our eyes and see ourselves in them.

that families who are estranged will find the will to come together. To put all ill feelings and hurt behind them and reconnect the bonds. No one can make it through this life alone. We're all going to come to the same final end.

that those we love who are on a path of destruction will see the light; will heed the advice of those who truly care and will make a concerted effort to change their lives around, to value themselves, to really know that someone loves them.

May we all face the New Year with peace, love and a commitment to be the person we were designed to be. To be our brother's keeper. To love those who are the hardest to show love to. To give a hand-up to those in need. To love and care for our family members as if they weren't going to be here forever ---- because they aren't. What do the petty arguments, hurt feelings, estrangement get us? A life of loneliness, bitterness, should-have's, could-have's, would-have's.

Make right what you can make right; release what you cannot from your mind and heart; always look forward to a new day, a new opporturnity, a better plan, a new you.

We wish everyone a brighter, happier, more peaceful, more fulfilling New Year! Remember, we are not in this alone. As the inspirational writer, Wayne Dyer, wrote: "If we truly, truly knew who was walking with us, we would fear nothing!" (paraphrased).

Peace to you all. God bless.

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