Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas

It's almost here. We're almost ready. Housecleaning today, some laundry. Put on a pot of chili that will get us through supper for the next couple of days. Oh, and find out why the tree lights went out last night for no apparent reason!

Christmas gremlins.

It's just a 3 ft. artificial tree with fiber optic lights. We were watching TV last night, the lights were beautifully fading the colors from one to another and -- poof -- no lights. I hope it's just the bulb, I do have a replacement. Get to it later today.

Son from NY called last night to say their box arrived and he loves the slipper socks! "You opened your gifts already?!" says I. "Yeah, my feet were cold and I knew what they were". (How did he know this?? I never gave him a clue.)

"Did the cookies make it ok?" "Ohhh yeah!" Then grandson got on the phone to thank us for his Christmas money and the framed photo of him as a baby in the arms of great-grandpa. He loves it!! Do I have more photos like that? Maybe if it's not too much trouble I could send him more? Of course I will; no problem!

Nothing makes my heart leap more than when the kids and grandchildren really value the connection to family. I grew up with a very close, large extended family of which wonderful memories through my childhood are still with me today.

Son from the Cities burbs called last night. I could tell by his voice that he is very sick. Yep. Heavy congestion, burning throat, achy and tired. This is his Christmas cold. Every year. From him, fiance and son will soon be afflicted with the same. They weren't coming up for the holidays until New Year's. Hopefully all will be well by then.

Daughter called yesterday. She took her cat to the vet (as I suggested) because she's been wheezing. They were in the vet's office when she called. Seems the cat has a respiratory infection; they already did an xray, but thought maybe more tests should be done --- very expensive tests! The bill was already up to $137.00.
What did I think? Ehhhhh - NO. Ask if they can just give her an antibiotic to clear up the infection. (who's the doctor here??)

Well, the antibiotic was prescribed - to be given twice a day for 2 weeks. Okey, dokey then. Total bill: $197.00. Did I tell you daughter is handicapped and on SSI?? Ummmm - yeah.

BH needs to get up on the roof today or tomorrow and clean out the stove pipes. It'll probably be tomorrow seeing that we had a bit of a snowstorm last night. And he still needs to wrap. my. Christmas. gifts. Hellllooo! Which are hidden under the bed in the spare room ( I accidentally stepped on the package, but I DID NOT look to see what it was. I really love surprises.) But like I said -- I have housecleaning today --- vacuuming under the beds! Oh geezzz, I better tell him this morning.

BH and I went yesterday morning and did the grocery shopping for the holidays. For Christmas it'll be a buffet - because people have a tendency not to show up and I'm not going through preparing a big sit down meal for a few of us.

But I am determined not to let anything get me down. We will have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas.

Well here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the best of New Year's to come! Be safe, be happy, be healthy!

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Judy said...

Last year I did photo albums for my older children with their g-grandparents, grandparents and siblings along with my siblings as children. I wrote all the names down with explanations for future generations..they too loved it. Merry Christmas