Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ah, The Weekend.......

Rough week. Wasn't supposed to be, but.....

*My first 3 days off from work in a row. Big plans. Lots to get done. Tuesday evening I started feeling a little weird - achy, tired, throat sore. Whammo! Some kind of flu got me down for 4 days! Nothing done.

*I did manage to get 5 loaves of banana/date bread made. I was debating this in the morning when BH asked "are you going to do anything with those bananas? They're kind of brown." "Yeah. I think I'll make banana bread". "I was just asking. Didn't want them to go to waste."
Okey dokey, then.

*Dosing with flu drink, Tylenol and cough syrup. Thank God my appetite is ok. I hate that when you're stomach is growling loud enough to make you look out the window for some kind of predator animal, but the thought of food turns your stomach upside down.

*Had to call off work yesterday; could barely talk. Throat worse. Chest hurts. More medicine and 7Up.

*Son and friend came up last night to go fishing today. It is now 5:15am and they have left for the lake. It is also 39 degrees outside!! The guys and BH are dressed in long johns, hooded sweatshirts, 2 regular sweatshirts and heavy wool socks. If they fall out of the boat, they'll sink like a rock!! God forbid.

*Son's friend brought up haddock. Son is going to make us supper tonight. He loves to cook and is very good at it. This makes me very happy. Scrap the chicken cacciatore until next time. I did pull out the Dutch apple pie from the freezer for dessert tonight. He also brought up red potatoes, asparagus, hollandaise sauce, capers and mayo for tartar sauce and assorted spices. I told you he was good!!

*Took out a loaf of banana/date bread for the guys for breakfast. It turned out very good; moist and tasty!

*I am going to call in sick today. Still a little achy and coughing loud enough to shake the windows. Rest, rest, rest.

*I started knitting another Norwegian ski hat. It's 3/4 done. One more pattern chart to do. It looks nice.

*The shawl is coming along nicely. Got about 12" done. I think it might be a little too wide, but what the hell. Fold it in half, right? And it looks like I have enough of the yarn to make it as long as I want. Good. Because I'm not ripping it out again! I don't care if it's the size of an afgan!

*I have 3 bobbins plied, maybe one more to go from the singles.

Hey, what's a girl to do when she just wants to sit in the recliner all day?! I mean, other than sleep, take medicine, sneezing and blowing her nose incesantly.

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