Monday, September 6, 2010

The End of a Season.........

Aahh, the end of summer is upon us.....big time! Temps have cooled right down - 34 degrees Saturday morning when I got up. 60's, mid 70's during the day. Leaves are turning gold and red and falling off the trees like rain. This is my time of year!! I love Fall. Could stay like this all year as far as I'm concerned.

Work will also be slowing down - at least during the week. We still have a month of weekends that will be very busy - full house.

BH has been cutting the grass - again. He thinks one more time will do it until next year. Silly Man!!

We went to the casino last Thursday; had a great time. Walked out with $70.00 more than we walked in with. Hehehehe. I love it when that happens. I haven't been in a casino for almost a year. I know! I think I really enjoyed it because the week before we took a day trip which didn't turn out as planned. Wasn't that enjoyable. I was bummed.

Talked to my brother in WA. Saturday night. He says he's planning on coming out for my birthday - October. I'm so excited! I love it when he comes to visit. Which is not often. Now I just hope he doesn't tell my brother. They're twins. And my brother down in the suburbs of Mpls. latches on to whoever comes to visit. Therefore, we get to spend one day with our visitor and he takes control and makes them come to his home for the rest of the duration. Really pisses me off. And if he can, he makes sure he comes up here on the day someone gets here. So BH and I have no quality time with family alone. Aggravating!!

I have been spinning. Think I've got almost a pound of the Shetland done; just 3 more pounds to go! Of this wool. Not the whole stash. Don't be silly.

Ah, and I started knitting. Finally found a pattern for the beaded, silky brown that I've tried half a dozen times to make something with. Very simple pattern. 3 stitches, 2 rows for the pattern. And it's very lacy. Keeping my fingers crossed. Now the only question is if I have enough yarn to complete the shawl I have in mind. But, what the hell. Throwing caution to the wind and moving forward.

I think I'm also going to get started on another pair of socks and another Norwegian ski cap. Ah, yes, Fall is definitely upon us!

Doing better with the Facebook thing. I'm conversing a bit more. But I still get the feeling I'm eavesdropping on other people's conversations. Weird feeling.

I have not done any weeding or whacking in the gardens. They don't look too bad. I'm kinda hoping for the hard frost. Then I can just go clean everything out and cut down the perennials. Done.

Also trying to convince myself that it would be better to leave the painting of the family room go until next Spring. Afterall, winter and the woodstove are just going to make everything all sooty again. Spring would be best. Then the guy on the other shoulder tells me "get it done NOW! It'll look so much better for the holidays and you'll feel so much more relaxed and comfy with a new look for the room". But you don't understand. I've got a lot of spinning to do. I've got things I want to knit up with my beautiful yarn. I've got a quilt to sew up for a Christmas present. I've got other things to do. Afterall, it's Fall!!

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Judy said...

Just in case you need an enabler...wait until Spring. Spring and Fall are the best seasons. We have only gone down to 43 so far. #2 son had a football game today and it is excellent football weather! The garden still has food in it but the yarn is calling. Kids start school Wednesday so things will get back on a schedule and I will be able to do both...I hope