Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello.....May I Get an Appointment with the Doctor?

These are words that are very, very seldom used in my life. But something has got the best of me this past week, and it's driving me nuts! Not to mention what it's going to do to my budget because I've missed 4 days of work. Yes, the 4 on top of the 3 regular days off - all of which I've been down with this gunk. There's no justice.

So today, I shall call the clinic and see if I can get in to see the Doc. Especially since I woke up this morning with a slight headache over my eyes. We all know what this is the harbinger of -- the dreaded sinus infection. All I want is an antibiotic to take care of this so I can get my life back ---such as it is.

Son and friend came up for fishing. I was not good company. But that didn't matter too much -- they were gone for 10 hours -- fishing. BH included. I had the house to myself. To lay on the recliner with blankets, watching TV and napping - a lot. And Son and friend brought up all the groceries with them to make supper! Isn't that terrific?! I didn't have to lift a finger - except to get the apple pie out of the freezer for dessert. That was it.

Of course there were the occasional questions bellowing from the kitchen: "Ma, do you have a cheese grater?" "Ma, do have paprika?" "Ma, do you have a glass baking dish to put the fish in?" "Ma, I don't want to fry the fish. How should I fix it?" "Ma, where's the aluminum foil?"

Ah, but it was well worth it. They did a great job! He loves gourmet cooking. I figure what they spent on all the fixins would have cost us about $30.00 a plate at a nice dinner restaurant. Thank God this gunk in my body has not messed with my stomach! Oh, that would be bad -- really bad. Afterall, my second passion is eating! When I can't eat, I think I must be near death.

Yesterday they went out fishing again. BH did not go. 10 hours wiped him out. However, we got a call about an hour later. Son tells me that while on the way to the lake, in the State park, they hit something; a bird. It went under the car and "I think it hit the brake line because there's fluid running out and there's no brakes". Uuhhhhhhoooo.

Let me say here that they are using BH's "fishing car". Because the rowboat is strapped to the top and all the fishing gear is inside. It's a station wagon. A 1984 station wagon. You read that correctly --- 1984. It's his "fishing car". Therefore, I do not step foot in it. It looks and smells like a fishing car.

So BH gets ready to go see what's going on and get the car back home. During this time, Son's cell phone keeps cutting out. There are repeated calls back and forth, of which I can get only about 3 words out before we lose connection again. I'm trying to tell him Dad's on his way; sit tight; wait for him; he'll get it taken care of. I think that amounts to 15-20 calls.

The last connection was "so we shouldn't put the boat in the water and fish?" "NO! stay where you are. Wait for Dad".

Well, I figured after an hour that they must be on their way back - somehow. 2 hours go by. 3 hours. Ok. Somewhere, they're on the side of the road, fishing car in the ditch or smashed into the back of our conversion van as they were towing it home -- because there's NO BRAKES! I call the cell phone. BH answers - "Yes, dear".

"Where are you?" "We're fishing". "I figured as much". "We'll be home about 2:00". "OK. Say, I thought after you left. Don't tow the car. It has no brakes. You won't be able to stop". "Yeah", he says. "I thought of that". (A little chuckle on his end comes through the phone). "I have enough brake fluid to get us home. We'll be ok".

At this point, I don't care if the car sits in the park. I don't care if the powers that be tow it to an impound lot. I don't care if they fish til midnight.

They did make it home - with the car. All is well in "Men's Town".

I'm starting to rethink my headache this morning. It just might not be sinuses. It might be a pain in my ass!!

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Judy said...

LOL Many years ago my dad had a fishing car. You opened any door other than the drivers and things fell out. He caught a perch ice the spring he was complaining it stunk. My mother told him the car always stunk. He said but now it smells bad. She went out to clean it with him and found a long dead fish under the car seat. With no heat in the car during the winter it just sat there but add the heat of spring and it was ripe! Gotta love the fishing men. I hope you feel better soon.