Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alone At Last.....

Ahhhh, what a day. Did a bit of house cleaning; baked yeast rolls, which turned out fantastic. I didn't make them from scratch - be serious!- but rather got a package of frozen dough from my friend. They are delicious - had a couple with my bean soup (this was made from scratch).

Well, the point of my second post today is my BH left this afternoon to go to son's home to watch the football game. I don't know which one, but I was told it was one of the important ones. Oh yeah, I remember, he did say the Cardinals were losing when he called early this evening. Sooooo???

I've had almost the whole day to myself!! Son -who- is- living -with -us -until -he -finds- a- job went to the Cities to visit his brother and uncle and see about more job postings.

OMG!! This does not happen often. I have been doing a happy dance! All sorts of daydreams occur -- like what my life would be like if I were a single woman. Think of it --- every free hour, yours to do as you wish. Putz around; take care of odd jobs; eat what you want, when you want; have full control over the tv remote; few dishes in the sink; the carpets look the same as when I vacuumed them today; I can play on the computer. My head is whirling!!

So, I had supper, as I said. Cleaned up my dishes; washed a pair of socks that were knitted up before Christmas; planted the Amarylis my friend gave me for Christmas; watched some favorite situation comedies that I don't watch when BH is home because he can't stand piped in laughter. Me, I block it out. And now, I get to post another blog for today! Which I would not be doing, because that would mean leaving BH alone in the family room - abandonment issues.

I can even stay up and watch all of Saturday Night Live because I don't have to go to work tomorrow!

This is truly a Blue Ribbon Day! Probably won't have another until the opener of Bass fishing season (the end of May). I know!

I want to give a shout out to Judy - thank you for your very nice comments to my blogs. I was wondering if I did everything right when signing up or if I was just blogging for my own sanity, such as it is.

Well BH will be home by 11:00am tomorrow - to watch the Vikings game. But I have plans anyway. Still have some Christmas things to put away. Funny how they just sort of appear after all the storage boxes have been stored! Must be post Christmas gremlins; I could've sworn everything was out of the house.

And of course, there's the lasagna to put together for supper plus I got the recipe out for a new dessert - a "dump" cake made with mini marshmallows, cake mix, sprinkle jello on top and 3 containers of strawberries. Bake it all together; apparently the marshmallows come to the top, the berries sink to the bottom. Serve with whipped cream. Sounds great! Can't wait!

And I finished knitting the last panel on my vest. Started to do the armholes. I think I'm going to do a short sleeve kind of thing instead of just ribbing. I've been seeing a lot of vests that have a capped sleeve and it looks very nice. Will post a picture when it is totally done. Could be a while. Be patient. Maybe I'll get ambitious and take photos of some yarn , too. Problem is, digital cameras are great for taking pictures, not so much when you load them onto the computer and then have to reduce them, correct the exposure, crop and save in a totally different folder from where they landed. This I consider to be a real pain in the arse! Too time consuming for me. But I will persevere - eventually.

Talked to my granddaughter today. She's 14 1/2. I taught her to spin 2 years ago. We have taken her with us to Sheep and Wool festivals in the past. Also taught her how to knit when she was 10. Gave her one of my wheels. She caught on to spinning very fast - and she is good at it.

I asked her if she's been doing any knitting lately - no. Well she's in 9th grade and has evolved like the proverbial butterfly. She has a cluster of new friends, a new look and new fashion sense. Plus she is a very good student; diligent with the homework. So I guess our spinning and knitting sessions are on hold for a while. I miss that. She lives 3 hours away, so it's hard to get together. As a matter of fact, we haven't seen her since last Christmas! I used to go down there pretty regularly or my daughter came up here, but with me working now, our schedules never seem to mesh.

Oh well. 2 more years and I'm retiring - permanently - from the work force. I swear on all that is spinnable.

Have a good night, one and all.

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