Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spinning My Wheels (actually, wheel)

This was the morning. I actually uncovered a wheel, opened the tub of wool and resumed the spinning I left behind before Christmas. I almost felt like a "newbie"; trying to continue the same grist as already on the bobbin; trying to keep the wool from getting away from me; don't treadle too fast or too slow; don't wind on too fast. It really felt great. I love spinning.

While putting away the last(?) of the Christmas paraphenalia, I happened to glance over as I was walking out the door of the storage house, and noticed a storage tote with what appeared to be a large ball of red roving and like ball of the denim blue roving. Holy crap! I had forgotten about them! I had taken them out of the other super large tote because they were to be next on the agenda, to be plied with co-ordinating colors already on bobbins.

I get the notion about once a month to go through all my totes and see exactly what colors of roving and how much I have. Actually, I love to look at the colors, the kinds of wool, to feel them, to smell them, to dream of projects to come. It revives and inspires me to no end! You fiber addicts know what I'm talking about! I never fail to be surprised at a roving purchase that has been forgotten about. My BH laughs when I tell him "guess what I found in my stash".

This more often that not gets followed by questions like:

BH: " How much wool would you say you have?"
ME: "Oh, about 150 pounds"
BH: "If you could spin for 8 hours every day, how long do you think it would take to spin all that up?"
ME: " 8 hours? Every day? Probably about a year or more." Or if I'm annoyed at the question for the umpteenth time, I say " Ha! I should live so long!"

Or he goes in this direction:
BH: "How many pairs of socks can you make out of that?" (the color I am currently working on). Or "how many ounces does it take for a pair of socks? How many ounces for a hat? mittens?"

But I have to say, if I said there's a wool festival tomorrow I want to go to, he would be ready; no questions asked; no purchases denied. He is truly the enabler to my addiction!! Gotta love him for it.

I really have to get focused now and put my nose to the wheel - eh, wool.

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Judy said...

I have an enabler also. He just goes with me to festivals to carry the bags! Actually the whole family knows they can never go wrong buying me wool roving or yarn. My son had to top everyone and buy me a sheep for Christmas! They pick on me but love the outpouring of hats, gloves, scarves, afghans etc.