Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aren't We Supposed to Be Hibernating?

My husband gets bent out of shape sometimes during the winter months because - let's face it - there's not a whole lot of activities you can do. Oh I hear you --"what? in Northern Minnesota? There's skiing, skating, snowboarding, ski-dooing, and of course, ice fishing." He does none of these things. Tried ice fishing a couple of times, not for him; too cold, too boring, doesn't like just sitting waiting for something to take the bait. He is, however, an avid bass fisherman. I know, I know - we should be down South.

My answer to him is I think we're supposed to be hibernating. We should all take life's lessons from the animal kingdom. The bears, rodents, bugs, all hibernate. Oh yeah, you do have the rogues - wolves, coyotes, bunnies, birds - who don't care what the season. Rogues. Me and BH - we think the bears have it right.

It's been a great couple of days here in the Northland. I have the weekend off from work, so it will be more great days! Thursday was the dentist, take the daughter grocery shopping, do our grocery shopping on the way home. Yesterday I put on a huge pot of bean soup. Let it simmer last night while at work. Dinner today. Yum! Also have a pan of yeast rolls rising in the oven. Tomorrow - lasagna!! Maybe I'll make dessert - we've been desserting on Christmas cookies or ice cream for the past 3 weeks! Need a change.

Another plus - the weather has been warming up quite nicely! Sunshine! Oh, thoughts of Spring! Even getting excited about Spring cleaning, painting, redecorating. I keep rolling ideas in my mind; sure hope I can accomplish something this year.

Geez, I might even uncover one of my wheels and get back to spinning this weekend. But first there is (yuk) house cleaning to do. I hate house cleaning as much as I love spinning and knitting. That's quite extreme. But I can only stand the dust balls floating across my feet for just so long.

The son who is living with us at the moment has a bunny - "Lambchop". She is a 2 year old mini rex/lionhead cross. He's had her since she was a wee tiny baby. We just love her. She has a great personality; very funny. Well last week "Lammie" had surgery - spayed. Overnight at the vet hospital; came home the next day with medicines to be taken for 7 days, orally with a seringe. Oh boy! We were on pins and needles, worried that she would recouperate without incident. It's been a week and a half and all seems back to normal. She's doing great. Medicine regime is done; she can run and play; kicks up her back legs and wiggles her tail (a sign she's very happy) and eating like there's no tomorrow.

This is Lammie: Cute, no? She has these amazing fluffy mutton chops on her cheeks. And she has a tuff of fur that stands up between her ears.
Her fur is very wavy on her back, but not long enough to spin, though Son keeps trying to convince me it is.
Oh geez, it's 9:00am. I better get moving if I want to get anything done today. Wishing all a beautiful day!

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Judy said...

Hibernating sounds good...not having to cook and clean! But then you would be sleeping and wouldn't be able to spin or knit either. I guess we have to take the bad with the good.