Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First WIP of New Year Done.......check!

Whew! It's finally done! Yea! My fingers are doing the "happy knitting" dance. You know what I mean. I never thought I'd get this vest done. Just had the collar to do --- ripped it out 3 times. 3 times. Then it dawned on me -- you can't do ribbing vertically across the back when the ribbing runs up the front; no. no. no. Continue the ribbing as a band across the back. Ohhhh. That worked.

So now what will be the next project. Socks? I love socks. Or how about the Peruvian hat I've been just itching to get at. Or how about that beautiful shawl I saw in the magazine -- and I spun just the yarn for it. A gorgeous golden brown wool/mohair with copper colored glass beads (thank you!) spun in a 2 ply laceweight. Ooohhhhh; aaaahhhhh. This might just be the winner. Although.....wait a minute....come to think of it, I'm not so sure I want to start another project that I know will take me quite a while to finish. Right now I think I want something with more instant gratification.

Of course, I should really get back to spinning and finish the blue because I really need to do more colors and break away from the browns. Oh crap.

It's been a good week so far here in the Frozen Northland. 2 more days of teens-below-zero at night and then a warm up for the weekend. We may see 12 degrees above 0 during the day. Hey, at the end of January, we call that a "heat wave".

The son-who-is-looking-for-work-while-staying-with-us had 3 interviews these past 2 days and is hoping to make another connection tomorrow. We are all saying prayers, lighting candles and keeping our fingers crossed. He has just 2 more months of unemployment left. You know it'll go by in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow is a "freebee" day for me. Day off from work. Housework and laundry done. Groceries in the house. I think I'll putter and clean the inside of the refrigerator (since I knocked over a half gallon of juice last week and just mopped up the immediate spill, not the splashes!) And I have some food containers to be stored away. Gotta think of something good to make for dinner; son will be home tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I'll start that next knitting project.

Happy spinning and knitting!

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