Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lists. I Can't Function without (or with) Lists!

How is it that some people can accomplish umpteen things in a day and I can barely achieve what needs to be done?

You know what I'm talking about --- you know people who can fix a 5 course breakfast, do 6 loads of laundry, plant and weed the garden, run errands in between, can and freeze the produce from said garden, visit family and friends for coffee, take the children to sports, dancing, music lessons, prepare a 5 course dinner from scratch, entertain relatives in the evening and still manage to spin a pound of wool and knit half a sweater or 4 pairs of socks. All in one day. That's still 24 hours - the same amount of hours I have in a day. But I do not manage to do 1/4 of these things. What is the problem?

I tire very easily - not physically, but mentally. I have 2 days off from work, not weekends, but middle of the week days. I can plan for these 2 days the night before or a week before. It doesn't matter. Come the day, something always happens to throw my mood and ambition into a deep cavern. I can't think straight. I can't organize. I can barely function. Once in a blue moon (didn't we just have one of those?) can I carry through with my mental list and accomplish maybe more than half of what I planned.

I'm a list maker. A list for grocery shopping; a list for household shopping; a list for seasonal jobs around and in the house; a list of errands to run; a list of meals to be prepared, parties to be given, items to pack for vacations, Christmas items for gifts, birthday cards to be sent and THINGS I WANT TO DO FOR MYSELF ON MY DAYS OFF!

In June I will find my list of Christmas shopping at the bottom of my purse.

Today I planned to wash a pair of knitted socks to give as a gift for Christmas - this past Christmas, not next. Don't ask. Also do a load of laundry, dust and vacuum the house, call storage companies for prices on units for an elderly friend who is ill, spin some more wool and finish sewing the shoulders together on a knitted vest, then prepare dinner - scalloped cheesy potatoes and ham casserole.

What have I done you ask? Called a few storage companies - the others were answered by an answering machine! (How does someone run a business when at 10:00am no one is there to answer the phone??) and threw in a load of wash. That's it. Of course it's too early to start dinner, so that possibility is still on the "List"!

The problem is I let setbacks overwhelm me; to the point where I can't do anything. I totally give up. I am defeated. I accomplish nothing. I am ashamed.

It's taken me 3 days to sit at the computer and write this blog, such as it is. I couldn't get my thoughts in order (maybe I still haven't).

Holy crap! I just got a message at the bottom of the screen saying "blogger could not be contacted; message may not be saved". You mean I wrote all this for nothing? See what I mean - another setback. And now I must go. Maybe try this again later. Hopefully in a much better mood. I'll put it on my List.

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Judy said...

LOL! OMG I have just read all your posts...we must be twins! I always have to change the post date on my blog b/c I will start it one day and finally finish another! And not getting anything done! I am a SAHM and I still don't get sh*t done...oh but when the blue moon day comes I am sure to blog about it!!! Welcome the the blogosphere!