Sunday, January 24, 2010

So, What's New?

Well, it's been pretty much same ol same ol. Except, we have been getting a freezing rain/snow mix for 2 days now. Temps have been mild, but that's going to change by Wednesday. Geez, I hate this time of year. Ice, I hate ice. Ice should be in drinks, not on driveways, sidewalks and streets to threaten your very existance!

I've been working a lot this week; did I mention that not only do we do our day shift but then go back to work in the evening for about 1 1/2 hours? Yeah. Well. The paycheck was awesome; the body - not so much. Plus it doesn't leave much time for fun things.

The Vikings lost tonight. I'm not a football fanatic; my BH has been explaining the game to me this season. I will sit and watch with him; it's the least I can do (remember: wool festivals and on-line shopping at fiber stores). No, my season is baseball! I love baseball! I can understand that game! It's relaxing, pleasant, and non-violent (most of the time). I can even remember most of the player's names. I wouldn't even care if the season went all year! (Yea Yankees!!) Well, there's no joy in Minnesota tonight. Put away the purple plummage for another year, folks.

Has anyone seen the news stories about John Edwards? Why do men do that? What the hell is wrong with them? He's gotta be the worst. A wife with cancer, who has stood by his side through all the campaining and hulabaloo; 2 small children. And he lied through his teeth with that condesending smirk months ago to the reporters. What a piece of work. I hope Elizabeth gets the courage to throw his well groomed arse out. Why does she need that kind of disrespect and humiliation? I don't get it. Well, actually, I do - money. What a shame.

I am almost through with the vest! I did the neckline yesterday, only to discover that I didn't pick up enough stitches across the back. aaarrgghhh. Ripped it out. Will try again tomorrow. I did try it on, though. It turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. It is a small size; which is okay, since it seems like everything I make is of the "large" or "xtra large" variety. Ah, but see this time, I knew I didn't have enough yarn, nor the means to procure more of the same alpaca or spin more of the same shetland, so I had to be very careful with the pattern size. I can't wait to find the buttons for it. I love buttons. I have two "fruitcake" tins of buttons acquired from auctions and garage sales.

I also managed to spin Saturday evening - finished loading a bobbin and started the next one. God knows when I'll be getting back to that. So close. Now I'm getting the itch to open the box with the Ashford Traveler wheel that I purchased at the Michigan Wool Festival about - let's see - a year and a half ago. You heard me. 1 1/2 years ago! Why, you ask? Well, I've been waiting for the right time. I decided I didn't want to varnish it, so I bought tung oil - last summer. I will oil all the wood parts before assembling the wheel. Just haven't found the right time to read the oiling directions and get to it. I know. It's almost a sin. I think I'm really slowing down in my "old" age. I sure hope the wood hasn't gotten all wonky in the box!

God, I can't wait til I can retire - again- for good.

Happy spinning and knitting!

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