Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post Christmas Blues??

This was a very busy day for me - no spinning yet, but I do manage to get some knitting done every morning for about 1 1/2 hours. I've been working on a vest, have about 2 more inches on the last front panel and then I have to band the armholes and sew on the buttons. The yarn is a beautiful brown Shetland spun in fingering weight. I'm also using a light brown alpaca that my mom purchased for me a couple of years ago. Rows are alternated between the two wools. The pattern is called "Crest of the Wave"; very lacy; very pretty. Hope to post a picture when it's done.

I have white merino on one of my wheels, which I want to ply with a spaced dyed merino of light blues and rose colors for some socks. Then there is a sky blue generic wool on the other wheel I want to ply with a denim blue merino for ---- socks. I love knitting socks!

Boy, I have been feeling like crap for too many days. I finally managed to get all the Christmas decorations down and put away today, swearing to myself and BH that this is the last year - I don't want to do this anymore. (I've been saying this for at least 3 years now). It just doesn't seem the same now that the kids rarely come up here - this year it was because of the horrendous snowstorms we had from Christmas Eve right through the following Saturday. It's a lot of work for only the 2 of us. Then add all the baking, shopping, wrapping, and boxes to be packed that have to go out of state; cards to be sent out; gifts for co-workers.

This is usually my favorite time of the season, after the holidays, finally getting back to my normal, quiet routine. But something is amiss. Can't put my finger on it yet.

I've been planning on making strumboli since last week. I finally got to it today amidst the undecorating and cleaning. I thought it tasted pretty darn good - BH, not so much. Another reason for my funky feeling, me thinks. Oh well, all that matters is the cook thinks it tastes good, right?

Today is my mom's 80th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! We called her first thing this morning with well wishes and love. She said she wasn't doing anything special. We ordered a dozen red roses w/babies breath and ferns to be delivered late this afternoon. I have not heard from mom to say she got the flowers - #2 reason for the funk?

She told my sister the other day that she "does not want any party! Peter, (my dad) you tell her I want noooo party!" So, sister says to me "I guess we won't have a party; she doesn't want one". Here's a little history on this situation:

Two years ago, we had a huge surprise party for my dad's 80th. Big party; most of the family from out of state came back; neighbors, friends, long lost relatives - it was a grand old time! My mother made a comment that we better not forget she turns 80 in 2 years. Let me say that my mom loves, I mean Loves to be "Queen for a Day"!! As a matter of fact, BH calls her "Queen Mum" even to her face; she Loves it! When she sends him mail, she puts gold crown stickers on the envelope!! I kid you not!

Well anyway, last year we had another big party for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. The whole shibang, again. Afterwards, my sister and other siblings were discussing mom's birthday this year. I told them we had better plan a party -- and it better be twice as big as Pop's was, or there will be hell to pay. She will never - ever- let us forget it! And so all was agreed. Just a little notation here: My mother and father are always in competition with each other; well actually, my mother is always in competition with my father. It had better be bigger, more festive, more guests and more about her only! Geezzzz.

To this day, she tells everyone in earshot about the time she had to be hospitalized with a respiratory infection and the next day my dad had to be hospitalized with the same illness; different rooms, different floors -- Divine intervention, I do believe! "Geez, I can't even get peace by going to the hospital; he's gotta follow me there, too" she tells all. Oh well, maybe I'll be there some day, too. But if I am, I tell BH "shoot me"!

Tomorrow we go to our daughter's apartment and dismantle all her Christmas decorations; she's handicapped. She lives an hour away. Then we have to stop by our elderly friend's apartment and clean out her refridgerator and chest freezer. She was in a horrible car accident 5 weeks ago and is now in a long term care facility. She just regained consciousness Sunday; still has a long way to go until she is better, God willing.

So there you have it. My BH keeps saying "why don't you go back to NY and visit your parents? Get away for a while". Why? Well let me see:

1. I am sick of leaving my house. For the past 5 years, I have been leaving my house to help out various family members, sometimes for weeks at a time. I never unpacked my suitcase! just kept it by the door, waiting for the next phone call.

2. Since we renovated our home 5 years ago, I have yet to spend as much time as I want, doing what I want, when I want for as long as I want without some matter of interruption.

3. I have gone back to work as of last Fall. A laborious job; 5 days a week; indiscriminate hours.

4. No, I need an apartment - for myself. That I can go to when I want to be alone and relax and (see #2 above).

Aaarrgghhh! This too shall pass - like a kidney stone, I fear!

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