Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 Reasons Why.............

Ok, it may not be 10 reasons; I haven't counted. I have missed not blogging lately, but time and days have just gotten away from me!

1. Busy, busy at work, of course

2. Daughter called last week; her cat was having another reaction to the insulin; seemed like diabetic shock. Call the vet - a different vet. The current one just doesn't seem to manage this correctly. This new vet is great. We were given more information on the disease and treatment than ever before. Of course, this took most of the day - my day off.

3. Son-who-is-living-with-us.........started work Monday!! Lots to get ready; pack up; instructions for Lammie (the bunny). Haven't heard from him yet as to how the new job is. I will call him tonight if he doesn't call first.

4. I have been trying to clean my house for 3 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks. Have gotten nowhere. Ah, but today is the day. I will clean house. Repeat:

5. With any free time, I have been knitting like crazy. I have finished 2 more Andean hats. Pictures will follow in a day or so. I did different weight yarns; different cast on stitches; finally figured out the stitches needed for the size hat I want. Success! I do like the way they turned out.

6. I finally did finish the vest; sewed on the buttons; washed it. Done. The color may not be dead-on in these photos; the light greyish brown is the alpaca and the dark brown is Shetland. I'm very happy with it and I do like the sleeves.

I do think a couple pairs of socks next. I love knitting socks.

7. The bunny. Having a pet is like having another child in the house, I always say. I've been bunnysitting. She's quite a character. Likes a lot of attention. Likes to be out of her cage. Will ring her bell or pull on the bars continuously until I let her out. Which means chasing her around the house, blocking off all doorways, wires, computer and any small space she may wish to explore. I am told this will be for 3 months - until Son-who-just-started-a-new-job can acquire his own apartment!

8. We changed our "computer operandi". We've been on dial-up, now high speed. Finally found a price and hook-up that fit our wants.

9. Taxes. We did our taxes and daughter's last week. Signed, sealed, mailed.

10. I've been lazy; no. tired. Haven't really felt like going on the computer because - well, frankly - before I know it, hours have past, the day has gone by, I've done nothing. I fear the computer. It's like a siren - "come. sit. browse. type. you know you want to. you know you love to. it'll be fun. just a few minutes won't interrupt anything." Another day shot to hell!

But I certainly did enjoy being here again. I could stay here all day. Housework,smoushwork. It'll be there tomorrow. But no. I must be strong. I must do what needs to be done. Crap.

You all have a great day. One day closer to Spring!

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Judy said...

With DSL you can visit all your sites in 1/2 the time leaving more time to clean the house (or knit)! I am addicted to the computer also. I have to turn it off because if I leave it on when something pops into my head I will run to the computer. Hours later the broom is still leaning against the wall but I have a stack of patterns printed.