Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Should Be........

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains,
And we never even know we have the key.......
("Already Gone"; The Eagles)

I had great plans for today. I formulated them last night. Get up early; clean the fridge (yes, the splatters are still there); change the bed linens; dust, vaccuum; clean the bathroom; mop up the floors.

Today is a different story. Oh, I got up early, ok; 5:00am. Started up the wood stove, turned on the coffee, turned on Cspan, grabbed my knitting, had coffee, put more wood in the stove, more knitting. BH got up, had coffee; looks very tired. I suggested he go back to bed. "I'll probably sleep til 8:00am", says he. "You can sleep til noon", says I. He went back to bed.

More knitting, more coffee. Ok, I should really get going now with the chores. Uhhh, I think I'll check the blogs first; might not get a chance later in the day what with all the things I have to do.

The bunny is pulling on the bars of her cage. Give her more food; still pulling and ringing her bell. Ok, ok. Let the bunny out for a bit while I check the blogs. Chase bunny away from the wires, the wicker and high places she loves to jump on. Read some more blogs. Geez, I should really write something while I'm here; might not get a chance later what with all the jobs I have to do today. Oh, yeah, and there's a few more blogs I want to put on my list of "Blogs I Read". Good ones.

Ok. well it's 9:00am now. If I get started with all the chores, I could be finished by 1:00pm. Then I will definitely need a nap. Oh, but shoot, BH is still sleeping. I don't want to make any noise and wake him up. Wait a minute -- where's the bunny?! Jeez, she's on her bed in the next room, eating. Whew.

Well, if I don't do chores today, I'll have to do them tomorrow. I hate cleaning house and such on my last day off from work. Then it's like I didn't have any days off.

But it's cold outside, though the sun is shining. It's cozy in the house. Really things don't look that bad! A little dust; spots on the floor I can wipe up with a paper towel; I think I just cleaned the bathroom Sunday. I think I will change the bed linens when BH wakes up and wipe out the refrigerator. That'll be good.

Besides, as I started a 3rd Andean hat this morning, it occurred to me that I don't have a lot of colored yarn - or white, for that matter. And I do have the sky blue on one wheel and white merino on the other. I should really get back to spinning. Because there's a beautiful yellow/gold roving that needs to be spun. And a denim blue. And a fuschia. And some alpaca.

I think I just found my "key"! Thank you, Eagles!

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Judy said...

Oh it is always a good day when knitting and spinning are involved. I would take that over cleaning the house any day. AND..eventhough you are enjoying it, you can't say you are not working, you are producing a product in the end. Keep the "key" eat off paper plates and throw a newspaper over it like Adam Sandler in Big Daddy!