Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If Only You Could See My "Happy Dance"!

One of my very favorite movies is "Happy Feet". If you haven't seen it, please rent a copy. The animation, music and story line is fantastic. And if you have young children, they will love it too, I think. It's the only movie I actually paid full price for ($18.00) when it finally came out on DVD.

The reason for this opening statement is because:

  • I started re-knitting the Andean hat; so far, so good. Got through all the charts and now starting the crown decreases. At this point is doesn't matter what color I pick up by mistake, I can make my own patterning. I can "fudge" real good!

  • I can now resume my planning of colors for the next Andean hat; I can continue dreaming about the charted sweater. It's all good.

  • My son-who-is-living-with-us-while-looking-for-a-job got a call at 3:45 today from an employer he interviewed with last week. He is to show up there tomorrow at 10:00am!! We're assuming it will be for training. So, he hurriedly showered, shaved, packed clothes, laptop, cell phone and other various paraphenalia and off he went (we are 3 hours from the Cities!)

Thank you all who had those candles burning, fingers crossed and prayers being whispered. Please keep up the good work until we hear from him tomorrow evening; then we'll know the whole story.

  • I didn't have to work again tonight! This is always Red letter!

  • I didn't have to make supper. We (BH and myself) had a bowl of chili and crackers; perfect.

  • Tomorrow I'm taking my daughter shopping. This is always an all-day affair, but once a month is ok. And I'm buying myself new underwear. Cotton briefs. That's right. I'm blowing the budget. (Remember: "what if you were in an accident and had to be taken to the hospital..........")

  • I am now looking over my house and dreaming of new paint, wall paper and the spare bedroom makeover - hopefully next month (see bullet about son above).

  • We are one more day closer to Spring!

Judy, you make me laugh! I, too, have set down a knitting project only to pick it up months later and try to figure out where I left off. Marking rows doesn't always work; is the dash for a finished row or begin this row?? I try to write notes; but mostly in a hurry and then I can't always tell what I meant by them, either. This is where "fudging" comes in very handy. At least for a few rows until it all starts coming back to me. Funny, I love fudge (the confection) too! Coincedence? Hmm.

Geez, right now I'm babysitting. I mean "bunny"sitting. She's running around like her tail's on fire. I cleaned her cage tonight; put in fresh hay and water. She wants to play. I gotta watch she doesn't get under the computer desk --she likes to cut wires and cords - and she can do it in the blink of an eye. And then there's the cords on the eco heaters; the sliding door that moves back and forth when she's nudging it trying to get in the spare room ("she's going to get her neck caught in that door; she's going to break her neck!" says son-who-is- ahh, you know the drill); and then there's my knitting in the family room. Yes, she also likes to chew my rice basket and I just know the yarn is not far behind.

OMG, it's going on 1:00am. I have to corral my little charge and put her to bed, then me too.

Good night, one and all. Remember - "Happy Feet"!

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