Monday, February 8, 2010

Hectic is the Word

What can I say. It's been another nutsy week. Egads. Took daughter shopping on Wednesday. Left home at 9:00am; got home at 6:00pm. She lives an hour away. She did her grocery shopping, which takes about 2 hours. We have to check labels for salt, fat, cholesterol and compare prices. Sometimes we have to readjust her list for her menus because of in-store sales vs. ad sales. Then it's off to the big box store. She needs a new vacuum cleaner and various household items and cat supplies.

Back to her apartment. Put all the groceries away (we shop for at least 2 weeks worth of food). Humidifier needs cleaning, new filter installed (which has to be cut to fit because they didn't have her specific model in stock, of course); light bulb needs to be replaced in the fridge; batteries need to be replaced in her remote and shaver; and then I have to put together the new vacuum cleaner. Of which I cannot find the 2 screws the instructions say to attach the handle to the body of said cleaner. After rifling through all the packaging for the 4th time and swearing a blue streak, thinking I have to take this back to the store; I'm going to blow a gasket - there are the screws in a small bag attached to the handle. Thank you, powers that be.

While putting the first screw in the handle, I discover that the holes are not drilled. Of course. Using the screwdriver, which, by the way, is one size too big for the screw, I twist and twist and twist. The screwdriver slips and - Bam! - right into the palm of my hand at full force. She is talking to me all the while. "Julie, Please!" I yell. Calm down. On to the task at hand. Finally got the damn thing all put together. Now I instruct her how to clean the tank and wash the filter, reminding her to be very, very careful as it feels as if the cleaner is made of cheap plastic. I don't even want to think of the phone call telling me the dojiggie that closes the flap on the tank has broken off; or the dohickey that holds the tank to the handles has broken off.

Home I go, stop at the DQ for chicken strip baskets for supper.

Thursday, BH and I go do our grocery shopping. Did you ever stop and think that if you didn't have to eat, we could all be rolling in dough! No money problems. Geezz.

Rough week at work. Busy. Snowmobiliers. This weekend, Super Bowl revelers (and we're not even in the Super Bowl - I don't get it). Lots of rooms to clean; lots of messes; lots of night cleaning rooms. Come home and prepare the feast for BH and sons because it's - Super Bowl Sunday.

I have started knitting another Andean hat. Increased the stitches, switched to bigger needles and thicker yarn. It's seems to be ok; not sure if I'm crazy about the colors. I keep talking myself into thinking it looks good. I'll probably frog the whole thing by the time I get to decreasing the crown. I should've started a pair of socks. I love knitting socks.

Friday was Number One son's birthday. He and family still live in New York. I miss him like crazy. He turned 42. 42! How is this possible? I don't feel like I have a 42 year old son. He was always "attached to my hip" when he was small; he always looked out for me (still does); he was my Rock when I was going through some very bad times. Happy Birthday, John! You'll never know how much I love you!!

His First Birthday.

Isn't he a Doll?!! I miss him so.

Well, it's time to get rolling again. Get ready for work. See what the day will bring.

Happy spinning and knitting!

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