Friday, February 26, 2010

A Surge of Energy

Finally! Finished cleaning the house today; did half of it Wednesday night. Then a load of wash; scrubbed out the refrigerator - you know, from when I spilled the juice a few weeks ago - took me over an hour! Cleaned the filters on the space heaters; folded laundry; grocery shopping; wrote out the bills; glued legs on a little stool - they kept falling off everytime I picked it up; took pictures of the Andean hats. Now I just have to wash them; gotta make a new curtain for the bathroom window - the current one kind of got very thin.

Of course, the sun was shining; temp at 31. It was a beautiful day! Visions of Spring dancing in my head! It felt great. And the best part, or the reason why I got so much done today - didn't have to go to work!!

Here are the pix of the other 2 hats. The pink one was done with larger needles, more stitches and a bulkier yarn. The red and grey one on smaller needles, much more stitches and a worsted weight yarn. They both fit! One thing I did different - I don't like wrong-side yarn ends showing. I don't like raw edges when I sew something and I don't like seeing ends of yarn. So I reversed the earflap decreases to increases, worked it up to the beginning and stitched the inside flap. Then, when I did the 2 rows of crochet around the hat and earflaps, it joined the flaps together - perfect. And 2 layers of earflaps is much, much warmer than one layer. Does all this make sense? It looks confusing when I see it in print!

I also did the same thing to the first of these hats that I made - the one that turned out to fit a child. This one, though, I had to pick up a stitch at the beginning of each row, knit it together with the first flap stitch, because the crocheting was already done. It worked. Looks very good.

Today I started a pair of socks - cabled; brown Shetland sportweight yarn. I'm debating if I should rip them out and start over. They look too big. BH says they look fine - men's socks. So maybe I'll just keep going. Have you noticed I haven't said anything about spinning lately? Because I haven't been. It's on my list. So is putting another spinning wheel together after I oil rub all the wood parts.
Thursday we went to see our friend who was in that horrible car accident in November. She is doing well; she's now in a rehab center. I think it's going to take a while until she can be released to function on her own. It looks like she may need a home health care aide. But the important thing is she's improving. She was telling us that the doctor and 2 nurses who treated her when she first came to the hospital in a coma came to see her before she was transferred to Rehab. They told her they could not believe how she had come around and improved - they never figured she was going to make it.
"Man makes plans and God laughs!"
Son is home for the weekend. Sounds like the job is going ok. It'll take time; lots to know, lots to study, but he's a smart kid. I know he'll do fine. Planning a big dinner for tomorrow - pork chops, dressing, mashed potatoes, broccoli and applesause. Think I'll make strawberry shortcake for dessert. Then BH and I will have leftovers for a few days - no cooking!
Have a great weekend!

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