Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh for Crype Sake.........!

This will be brief because I have 1 hour to get breakfast, dressed, gather my lists (ha!) and get to my daughter's for a day of shopping.

Well, I finished the cap of the Andean hat, sans ear flaps. You won't believe this -- but if you read a previous post, you just might --- the hat is too frigin' small!! ; for an adult, that is. Oh Crap!! My own fault -- I don't do swatching and I don't do gauge checking! It goes against my grain --- of getting at it and finishing it Fast!

Oh, I think the hat is Beautiful! I'm so proud of myself that the charting turned out great (2nd time around --- "around" -- ha, get it?) But I don't know of anyone I would trust with a wool hat for a child ; you know, washing -- machine -- boop -- Barbie doll hat.

I'm hoping that once the ear flaps are on and the 2 rows of crocheted edging are finished, it will magically become large enough to fit an adult. It's the "Polyanna" syndrome. I have it quite often when finishing a knitted item. It's a curse.

Anyway, what do you think?

Ok, that was weird. I just uploaded 2 photos, but they're not here! If they show up anywhere strange, I'm sorry. Let's try this again......

Ahhh, success!! (oops, I notice I didn't hit the "Done" button after the upload! Silly me!) Next time -- larger needles! Definitely larger needles!!

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Judy said...

The hat is beautiful. The first (second and third) stranded hats I did all came out small enough for kids. I don't swatch but I figure it will fit somebody somewhere. That being said I have not done anymore stranded hats as I get tired of giving everything away! I guess I could/should swatch but I don't like change so I know I never will!!!! LOL