Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Body, Don't Fail Me Now.......

So everything is going along as planned.  The list is getting smaller, things being crossed off as they're completed.  4 more days and counting.

My energy level is ebbing.  Big time.  The goal of next Tuesday keeps me moving.  Right now the days are relaxed, things to do can be taken in stride.  No rush, no push, no fuss.

I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder -- again.  Just enough to be aggravating.  I know it happened when I lifted a storage tote just about over my head to put it on top of other totes.  Should not have done that.  But that's me.  Never learn!

Everything is right on track.  This makes me very happy!  Except, now with some free time, I tend to get a bit lazy.  There's nothing to be done before dawn's early light; nothing that needs tending right after supper.  What to do......what to do......

I was thinking, at 4:30am, that I could uncover a wheel and do some spinning.  Or pull out one of the UFOs and work on that.  But this would just lead to a slippery slope.  I would be playing with danger.  My house would be dusty and messy and we'd be having scrambled eggs for Christmas dinner when the family arrived.  Best to stick with the plan.

Son from NY called yesterday evening to say a box arrived.  The "goodie box" of course.  He was eating Baklava while talking to me.  "This is great! Ohhhh, it's sooo good.  I haven't had Baklava in years".   "You're supposed to share it with the family"  says I.    "Oh, I'll share.  But the banana bread is mine, right?"   I'm laughing.  He yells to his wife "the banana bread is mine, all mine!"  I know before Christmas Eve is here, the "goodie box" will be gone!  This is one kid you don't have to worry about what to get him ---- just send him lots and lots of goodies!


I've been trying to take pictures of the tree and some decorations, but I can't get the right adjustment on the camera.  They come out all blurry or extremely overexposed.  Still working on it.

Today is grocery shopping for the weekend.  I'll have to go to the local store instead of the "Big" one 25 miles away.  BH is having trouble with his foot again.  The same one he twisted when he fell last month.  So he soaked it in Epsom salts yesterday; plan the same today.  He doesn't like me traveling to the "Big" grocery store by myself.  Men! (But I can go to daughter's - 60 miles away by myself!.......don't get me started....) Silly man!   Anywho, I told him last night that he may have to see a doctor after the holidays.  Even he now thinks he may have chipped or fractured a bone. Yikes.

Well, I'm going to get started doing something.  Don't know what.  BH is still sleeping and I don't want to make any noise that will wake him.  I could re-do the shopping list.  Or uncover a wheel and..........


Heather said...

Mmmm! Your baklava looks awesome! That's on my list of things to try to make someday. I vote for uncovering the spinning wheel and spinning for just a little while while listening to music and watching the tree. It's good for the soul :)

Linda said...

Thank you, Heather. And you're right -- there's nothing better to soothe the soul and mind like spinning. Christmas music and the tree a bonus!! Merry Christmas!