Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas in Pictures....

Grandson with ipod docker.  Yes, it's the Justin Bieber look......unfortunately.

This is Lammi, son-who-used-to-live-with-us's 4 yr. old bunny.  I love her!  She is so much fun.  She must be looking for her presents!  Oh, she doesn't really have red eyes!  Sorry about that.

Daughter received a plaque made by other son's fiance.  We all received "heart-made" gifts.  She does beautiful work.

Lammi's "dad".....he doesn't have pierced ears; it's an ornament made by future DIL.  I wish I had taken a picture of both him and BH with their "ear fobs"!!

BH received a gift card.....talking to.....someone........

Future DIL received hand-thrown pottery pieces from us.  Ehhh, not thrown by me....

Son received a box of sauces, wood chips, sauce injector and oven safe mitts.  This guy loves his BBQ!!!!

Then there's our tree.  The first real tree in 4 years.  I love it!!

Lastly, a picture of the deck all "decked" out for Christmas!!!

Where am I, you say??  Well, of course, I was the photographer!!  Funny.....nobody said....."here, Ma, let me take a picture of you".........hmmmmmm.  Nor did I get a picture of son who got here on Saturday, opening gifts on Christmas Eve.  Why?? I don't know.....I think I was catatonic by that time.  My bad.

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