Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Back to Normal.....

See, that's Santa saying "good-bye" for this year.  Back to the North Pole; back to work.  As most of us are, whether for monetary gain or just life in general.

Today the last of our house guests are going home.  Son and daughter.  I started cleaning out the fridge last night after supper.  Leftovers.  Again.  More tonight.  Last night I'm laying in bed thinking if I should start undressing the house Wednesday. The better side of my brain is telling me to wait till the weekend.  But my heart is telling me to wait till after January 6th.

My mother never took the tree down till then.  January 6th. The Epiphany; Little Christmas.  Also, it was her birthday.  I think she really wanted to keep the glitz till after her birthday.

Anywho, with the passing years, it seems better to get things back to normal as quick as possible, whilst also showing respect for the season.  So methinks next weekend it is.  A day before or a day after New Year's.  Leaning toward the day after.  Because I don't think my energy level will be up to it until then.

Last night we just sat around watching the "idiot box".  By 10:30, I called it a day.  Isn't it funny how you can have loads of energy, buzzing around doing this and that, people commenting on how "you do too much! Where are you getting this energy from?!"...........and then you crash!!  You can't function.  Can barely get out of the recliner for the bathroom, or get another cup of coffee. Hence, the need for the bathroom.  It's a never-ending vicious cycle.  Don't care what meal time it is, everyone fend for themself.

Yes, Christmas is over.  It's time for all good family to go home.  Time to lollygag around the house.  Taking numerous naps throughout the day.  Eating PB and J sandwiches for supper.  Because you can't bear to look at the stove anymore or wash one more load of dishes.

You want quiet time.  Alone time.  Stay in pajamas all day time.  Bring out the wheel time.  Pick up the needles and the ufo time.  Your crave it; you dream it.

There's a hitch in this last day.  There are a couple of things that need to be returned or exchanged at the stores. Omg.  Do I have the energy and want to spend an extra couple of hours doing this?  Or do I wait till next weekend?  Can we get this done without taking house guests with us?  Will it be quick and painless?  Maybe all the people did their exchanges, returns yesterday.  And the stores will be nearly empty today.  And they will have the articles I need to exchange sitting right there in the front aisle as you walk through the door --- and they'll be in the size I need.

Geeezzzz, I need more rest.  I'm obviously getting delirious.

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Judy said...

LOL You and I think too much alike! I just posted a blog about holiday hangover! Hope your equilibrium gets back on track soon! Have a great week