Sunday, December 4, 2011


We're off to a good start!  Went shopping on Thursday and.......everything on my list was in stock!! Another Christmas miracle!  I couldn't be happier if you tickled me with tinsle.  Friday and yesterday was decorating the house. Not too much. But it looks nice.  Lights. Lots of lights.  Done.  Another miracle. 

And today is the casino day --- to pick up another gift. (For free!)  Now if this goes off without a hitch, I'm gonna find me a red, fur-trimmed suit and wear it for the next 3 weeks!  Ho, ho, ho!!

I made out my Christmas schedule the other day; it's hanging on the fridge.  I need to do this lest I forget something and think the next 2 weeks are free time!  Now I just have to remember to cross off the jobs done from that list.  One step at a time.

We've decided on a real tree.  Yes, the artificial ones on sale looked --- artificial. Will not do.  So, tomorrow we'll go to the local farm and feed store and pick out the tree.  I've got the spot all figured out; know how the furniture will be re-arranged.  BH gave his approval, so all is good.  Then I have to go over to the storage house and get out a couple of gifts, find some boxes, get the cookie tins and the box of wrapping paper.  Tuesday starts the baking marathon.  First up --- baklavah and cannoli shells.  Cookies to follow.

"Tales from the Coop Keeper" blogger, posted a recipe for "Reindeer Nipples" (her post dated Nov. 29, "Holiday Nipples").  No. Seriously. It's a real recipe.  Anywho, I'm going to make them this year; it's simple enough.  They'll be included in the "Goodies" package for the kids back home. I'm going to label them as such, too.  That'll bring a lot of hoots and hollers from them, I'm sure!

Son's fiance called Friday.  She said they're planning on coming up for Christmas. This makes me happy.  We won't have to go to the Cities.  Of course, this is all contingent on the weather.  Hopefully it will good for traveling.  Another Christmas miracle.  That'll mean the 4 kids living in this State will be here. Keeping my fingers crossed.

So, next Saturday, I'll be going to daughter's to decorate her apartment and take her Christmas shopping.  I've gotta pick up the last few gifts too.  Then I'm done!  Except for the grocery shopping for Christmas Eve and Day dinners.  Haven't quite worked on the menus yet, but that'll be easy enough.

Oh geeezzz.  I forgot about the Christmas cards.  I don't think it's on the schedule. I better get that corrected immediately.  Yeah.  Gotta get the cards written out and to the post office.  This reminds me of a funny story.

Every year, my Mom would write out Christmas cards.  From the time a was a kid and into my adult years.  The only thing is.......they never made it to the post office.  We'd find a box of cards every year, in the envelopes, all addressed and sealed, while going through the boxes of decorations.  She never sent them out!  Every year!  For years!  I don't think is was forgetting as much as it was not wanting to spend the money for the stamps when the time came. But she would buy the cards -- beautiful cards.  She was funny that way!  Mother!

Well, I gotta get in the shower and get all gussied up.  Grab some breakfast and we'll be off to pick up that free gift.  Santa, don't fail me now!!


Heather said...

That Christmas card story made me LOL! I am so bad at mailing too! We have tried Christmas cards every which way with little success, and finally I switched to New Years cards! This give you an entire 6 months(!) to mail the cards out before they're officially late. We normally get them out in the first 3 weeks. Of course I just tell people we're being politically correct, and don't want to offend anyone. It's a great system. I highly recommend it.

Linda said...

Tooo Funny, Heather!! But.....a great idea to consider!

Judy said...

Hope you did well on the slots. Wish I was as organized!

Linda said...

Nooo, Judy. But at least I walked out with my free money! WooHoo.