Monday, December 5, 2011

Ok. That Didn't Go Well......

So. BH and I get all gussied up.  Pick up son and head out to the casino.  For my FREE camcorder and FREE $10 slot money.  Except for the fact that it's the middle of the afternoon and infringing on my nap time, we feel pretty good.

First stop -- Guest Services desk --- for my FREE camcorder.  The gal behind the counter is very pleasant.  I hand her my coupons, proudly saying "I'm here to pick up my FREE camcorder"(with a big smile on my face).  To which the reply came back so fast, in an inaudible low tone, 

        "We ran out of them; we're giving you $25.00 in free play". 

"Excuse me.....whhhaat?"  She repeats the apparently much-spoken refrain.

"Oh NO.  That was a Christmas gift I was planning on giving".  She smiles sympathetically.  "Here ya go, hon. There's $35.00 free play on your card".  She looks to be about 25 years old; I'm 62, paunchy and slightly graying.  But I'm "hon".

Stunned, I say a polite "thankyou" and walk away.  "Good luck today" she adds. 

"Well, HON, if I had any damn luck today, I'd be walking away with my FREE CAMCORDER!" what I wanted to say.  But I'm 62, paunchy and slightly graying......and was brought up to be reserved and polite.  Which, in the scheme of things, has not really benefited me in certain circumstances of my life.

So I meet up with BH and son, my stomach now at my feet, and tell them what happened.  I'm deflated.  I want to go home.  But we carry on......they give me their apologies and empathy.

Both the guys wanted to play some BlackJack for a bit, so I found my favorite slot, sat down and began giving back my Free money.  Ah, but the machine and I were on the same wave must've felt my pain.  It took some, and then gave it back.  But when it started to tell me after some unprofitable spins, "this is it, HON, we're not going anywhere with this".....I cashed out and took my FREE money.  And snidely walked away.

On the way home, BH says "what are you planning on getting for the gift now?"   "I don't know.  I just don't know.  I'll have to think about it; maybe something will come to me by next weekend".

See, this was going to be the gift for son who lives in NY.  Son who does quite well for himself and his family.  Son who has everything under the sun and can buy whatever he wants. Yes.  The same son who bought me a GPS for Mother's Day 2 years ago, and sent me the new EReader for my birthday this year.  Who sends me floral arrangements that I know must have cost him at least $100, arrangement and delivery.

 There is nothing we can get him, within our budget, that doesn't look cheap or inconsequential.  I hate that.  I pride myself  on planning the perfect gift for each person.  One that means something to them. (Am I channeling with Martha?? God, I hope not!)  Even if it's FREE!      Crap.

Well, I have to put that all behind me now.  There's other things that need attention this week; gotta stick to the schedule; can't fall off the track now.  We did come up with a couple of ideas last night. I'm just going to wait till daughter and I are actually in the stores next weekend.  Something will hit me as the gift.

But on a positive note, if this is the only glitch in the Christmas plans and accomplishments, then all will be well.  As for now, stick to the schedule; get things done; carry on.  It'll all work out.

Afterall, it's the Christmas season, right?  And miracles DO happen.   Why, yes.  There are visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!


Judy said...

Sorry things didn't go as planned. I hope you find something. When you do let me know as I have a son and DIL to be like that!

Linda said...

Hi Judy, the plan for son and wife is this: She's getting a shoulder valise, as she's in college and does a lot of office work at her job; and son is getting one of those double halogen work lights on a stand. He does a lot of automotive work and I've never seen one set up in his garage. So here's hoping.......good luck with your quest!