Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Let This Train Get Derailed...........

Things are moving along, picking up speed every day. With the goal in mind of having nothing to do next week, this train is bound for glory!

The cookies are finally done; the Reindeer Nipples turned out great! (thank you, CoopKeeper).  The tree was procured and set up Tuesday and took 3 hours to decorate yesterday.  Not that I'm anal about decorating a Christmas tree, but it has to look perfect!  

Today is wrapping and boxing gifts and goodies that must go in the mail tomorrow.  And hopefully getting the cards written out so they, too, can make it to the mailbox.  Otherwise, I'll save them for next year.  Ah, but they won't be written out, enveloped, addressed and sealed.  This much I learned from my Mom.

Let's see.  Saturday may be housecleaning; heavy cotton throw rugs need to go to the laundromat; kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed on hands and knees;  and the bathroom still needs to be cleaned top to bottom.

Sunday: grocery shopping for the Christmas meal; wrapping the rest of the gifts for the locals.

Monday:  Yep. That's right.  Nothing.

Oh, there've been a few glitches, trying to derail this train. 
**While preparing and baking the last batch of cookies Tuesday, my sister called.  We talked for 1 1/2 hours!  The cookies, on the pans, and the dough had to go back in the fridge.  Instead of finishing the job before noon as planned, it was finished at 2:00pm.

**Son in NY's present -- presents a problem with packaging.  It's a rather tall, heavy box.  Needs to go into a taller box.  By itself.  Which means 2 boxes to be mailed out.  So BH and I go to the storage house looking for just the right size box.  Hehehehe.  No.  Got nothing.  Then I remember the box the pool came in. Perfect!  Except I have to empty the hoses, filters and filter housing out of it.  And because it's roomier, it will have to be stuffed with paper to keep the gift from rattling around.  But it's heavy.  So will be sent out via UPS.

**Walking into the family room yesterday before supper, I see my coffee cup is splattering all over the end table.  What the hell???......where is this coming from.  Mesmerized, I'm watching the drips hitting the cup and splashing out.  I look up.  The ceiling is leaking!  Whaaatt!!!  Yell for BH.  "The ceiling is leaking!"   He looks.  "I'll get up on the roof and see what's going on", says he.

This is a mobile home.  There is no second floor.  There are no water pipes in the ceiling.  We have no snow; there hasn't been a deluge of rain.  So, outside we go.  There is nothing suspicious.  No swamp of water sitting on the roof.  But he suspects that maybe the seam in the rubber roofing may have come loose.  He gets the bucket of rubber cement.  It's half frozen, but he digs out what he can and tries to re-cement the seam.  After 1/2 hour, it's determined that tomorrow would be better to attempt this.  Bring the bucket in the house and let the cement thaw out.

At this point, I am now starving.  Supper was done and ready to be dished out just as this calamity reared it's ugly head.  So, back in the house, a quick re-heat, and supper is served.

The leak?  Oh, it stopped almost immediately.  Don't know where it came from.  Don't know where it went.  Just pray it doesn't happen again.

**Slipper socks.  Need 6 pair.  All going to son in NY.  Have 4 pair completed, the 5th half done.  Can't mail out the box till all 6 pair are finished.  So, working like an elf on crack, the last 2 pair were finished last night.

**Sat down yesterday afternoon to pay the bills.  Go to the bank's website.  Message pops up: "This website's Security Certificate is not Valid.  Do not attempt to access this website".  Whaaat???  I've got bills to pay!!  Today!!  It's on my list!!  The mortgage is due tomorrow!!   Try again.  Same message.  Call the bank.  The gal informs me their computers are down and they're fixing the problem.  "Will it be fixed today?" I ask.  "I'm pretty sure it will be; they're working on it right now, but I really don't know", she answers.  Great!!  Moving to tomorrow.  I did check their site in the evening and it was up and running.  But the hell with it.  It can wait till tomorrow.  I've still got time.  It's only one thing added to tomorrow's list.

I may be a little slow leaving the station, but this train will not be derailed!!


melbatoast68 said...

Would you please come to my house and knock out my list? I am sooo far behind!

melbatoast68 said...

OK. Before I could finish, I hit my mouse and published. What I was going to say is....Would you please come to my house and knock out my list? I'm so far behind! I'll come take care of your stuff because have you ever noticed that it's easier to deal with other peoples "to do" list than your own? Hope things go smoother!