Monday, February 28, 2011

Lots of Pictures!..Finally Some FO's.......

Well, here they are. And you thought I was kidding about all the knitting and projects!

The hat and fingerless mitt (I did finish both) are an unknown wool/glitz plyed with white merino, Mock Cable pattern.

And here is the shawl! It measures approximately 34" wide and 62" long. I found that the size lends itself to many ways of wearing. First photo it's folded in thirds for a scarf draped over the shoulder.

Second is folded in half for shawl wrapped around the shoulders. Third is full width and length.
Front view, full length. It isn't cockeyed as in the photo. I just didn't have it centered correctly. My bad.

Don't know if you can see the beads; glass, copper colored, scattered throughout the knitting. The pattern is easy peasy - 3 sts., 2 rows. My kind of pattern!

Ok. The color is off; one above is the right color. But you can see the picot edging. Didn't turn out half bad I thought.

The other mitt (yes. there's 2). To match the andean hat.

The second is the lining of the hat - commercially spun alpaca (a gift from my mom a few years ago). And then the hat. Knitted in one color instead of using the charts.

So there you have it. All are washed and ready for storage. I started a pair of socks yesterday. And been spinning the black Shetland. Ideas are swimming in my little brain. I'm thinking I gotta start spinning another color - soon!
Meanwhile, I got a macaroni salad to put together and brownies to bake. Yep, I've been cooking and baking up a storm for the last 3 days! WhooWho!!
The housework --- not so much.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So.....I didn't make it to the casino event on Sunday. I did send BH off; he picked up son and the 2 of them had a great time. No big money, but BH was called out and win $50!! They spent a little time at the Black Jack table and won $15.00 they left the table on the plus side. Always a good thing! Came home with his seed money plus $40 more (they split the $50 as son got the tickets for the game).

Finished the cap last night, now working on the matching mitts. Not sure if there's enough yarn for the pair. Keeping my fingers crossed, which makes it very difficult to knit!!

Checked the bank account on Sunday morning. Yep. The money was refunded from the gas pump!! Happy, happy dance!! That was quick! But we still will never use our debit card at the pumps again!!

Has anyone else gotten a booklet from the Census Bureau? (It's not really THE Census Bureau). Stating you were selected at random? And the info is used to calculate Fed subsidies to states and communities? Here! (raises hand above head-whole hand, not just one digit)

Well, we received the second booklet yesterday with a letter that they had not yet received our information yet. What booklet? When? Where? Are you sure?

Now, there's a lot of requested info in this book that makes me uncomfortable -- especially since we just did a census form last summer(?), somewhere last year.

This one asks for an awful lot of personal, and in my estimation, not relevant info like how you get your income, from what sources, how much from each; how much do you think your property would sell for; how much do you pay in property taxes each year; how much is your mortgage; the address of your present employer, the address of your previous employer, etc.

Not to mention, the very first page, wants your full name, address and phone number. Ehhhhh, does the term "BIG BROTHER" come to mind??!!

Ah, but this time, I called the phone number given "if you need help filling out this form". I can't be positive, but I don't think I called anywhere in the USA; even though the phone gal assured me she was located in Towhan, Aweezona. Riighhhtt! Oh yeah. I asked her. "Let me ask you this. Are you located in the United States??"

And the scariest thing. She asked for the code number at the top of the page, under the bar code (it took me a while to understand what she wanted because there's 4 different codes all over the place). When I read off the number she said "so are you still at ******** Lane? Whoa!! She had my exact address because of a code number!!

Now in my elevated, heated voice, I inform her that even though the information is secured by law, only used for collection and determination purposes, on the back of their brochure, it states "information will only be shared by Federal, State and local govenments, (pay attention, now......) and the public. WHAT?? To this, she had no response.

To make a very long story somewhat less long, after spouting off the reasons I objected to the questions, she told me I could just put "lady of the house" for name; just give our age instead of the whole birthdate; I could give an "estimate" of income instead of how much we receive from Social Security, Pension, Employment, etc. yada, yada.

I also informed her that all the info requested was already submitted on the REGULAR census not too long ago and that all this info was already on record with many Federal agencies including the IRS. Which she informed me, "to get the info from the (hang on, now)......IRA, would take too much time and resources".

Did you get that? She, from Aweezona, says the "IRA". If I was faster with my brain, I would have said "What does the Irish Republican Army have to do with my information????? And make no mistake, she said "IRA" 3 times while explaining why it was not feasible.

So I informed BH of what had occured. He asked if I was still going to fill it out.

"OH yeah. I'm going to fill it out, alright. I'm definitely going to fill it out -- my way".

I did, however, forget to ask Ms. Aweezona what exactly was the penalty for not complying. Maybe I really didn't care to know. But I DO know that I really don't want to "disappear" from the face of the earth. Can you say "paranoia"?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm On a Roll..........

Ok, I finished the other fingerless mitt and washed them yesterday. Also made the tassel and attached it to the andean hat. Then I started another hat - just a regular cap this time. (Damn brain fluff; I can't remember the name of the cap style). Oh, you know - just a regular head-fitting, ribbed edge cap. Doing a "mock cable" on it; hope to have enough yarn left to make matching fingerless mitts. Man, do I love how those work up, look and feel on the hands!! To think I was avoiding making these for such a long time. What was I thinking?!

My skeins are dry, so today the plan is to ball them up while running through the yardage meter at the same time, block and press the edging on the shawl and then take pictures to post here.

Didn't spin yesterday --well no, I was sooo busy with other things. lol. Maybe I'll get some done today. My yarn stash is getting low, and I need more colors. Oh, I've got the colors - just got to get them spun up.

I've been spinning for at least 1 hour every day. That's how the alpaca got done. Otherwise, it would still be in progress. Sometimes, tho, ya gotta put the finishing touches on a finished. object. But I will persevere!

Ok. I'm off. Tick tock. tick tock. Gotta get moving if I'm going to get those pictures up here.

Have a glorious day!!

Snowed all day yesterday, and of course, we're back in the deep freeze. Thank God I have my hobbies to keep me sane. (ehhh, right? no? yes?)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Crap.............

We've had plans to go to an event at the casino today for over a week. I was really looking forward to it - just to get out of the house. We had beautiful weather for a week. Warm, melting temps. But they occurred during weekdays. Well, you can't go scooting about on weekdays. There are things needed to be done. Around the house. The weekend is much better. Because I hate weekends. Dull, boring. Nothing on TV, shops close early if they're open at all. It just seems all kittywhompus. It'd be good to get out on Sunday.

Ah, but the weather gods have other plans. Yes. A snowstorm. Why not. I just heard on the radio that it's due to hit about 10:00 am. And last until tomorrow morning. We could get anywhere from 4-8 inches. With blowing and drifting. Why not.

Now you would think that this is no obstacle for a Northern Minnesotan; it's nothing. But the casino is 1 1/2 hrs. away. In the direction the storm is coming from. Some areas are expecting 10"-12". This I do not like. I do not like driving in the snow. I do not like weather related surprises. I do not like driving in the dark, which it will be on our way home. I really want to cancel this.

And since the event was free, that makes the decision even easier. However, BH has no fear of the weather (re: driving 1 hour away to take daughter for appointments in an ice storm.) He is the eternal "Polyanna". Everything is honkey-dorey. Nothing's going to happen; it'll be ok. Yeah. Right.

So as he is still sleeping and I've been up since 4:00 am (God only knows!) I will wait til he has his coffee and suggest ever so gently that we call the day off. Maybe by that time, it'll be snowing so hard, we won't be able to see across the road! (sign of the Cross here and a prayer).

Otherwise, I have a mountain of Shetland to spin - which I've been working on since 4:30 am. It's one of those "in progress" spinning fibers. Working on it for over a year here and there. When I need black wool, I go to the tub and start spinning. Now I need it to ply with the dreaded alpaca/beads that was finally finished yesterday. So, spin away I shall.

And I just know that by 11:00 am, I will be ready to crash. Don't know why my internal clock is so screwed up. Been getting up at 4:30 all week. Hormones.

Or the fact that I hate sleeping at night. I get up 2 or 3 times, mostly to go to the bathroom (age), then check the clock. Damn. Back to bed. Waiting. Just waiting for a decent time to get up. 4:30 seems like a decent time. I have no idea why 4:00 am today.

Gold Star Saturday!! I did wash the shawl and the andean hat; skeined 3 bobbins of yarn and washed them; finished spinning the alpaca. Also finished knitting the first fingerless mitt that matches the andean hat, and started the second one. WhooHoo!!!

Well, I think I'll get back to spinning. Maybe when BH gets up, he'll see how industriously I'm working and hate to pry me away from my wheel, he'll suggest we just stay home for the day!!! hehehehe-ya gotta have a plan. Always have a plan!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is This Legal??...........

So, yesterday I'm looking over my bank account to make sure everything is copacetic, as I had done some shopping the day before and paid with the debit card. The new debit card. The bank switched to a different company. And here we go:

First I see their balance is nowhere near my balance - they show a lot less money in my account. WHAT! I check the postings. OMG! I got charged $75.00 for a $31.50 gas purchase at the pump. Oh No. Oh No. Oh No.

At this point, I start doing the "chicken dance", running in circles, arms flailing, head shaking ---- and yelling. Lots of yelling.

Well----print out the bank document, grab my receipts (thank God, because half the time BH DOES NOT collect the receipt from the gas which I am now saying to him "this is why we take and save receipts!! $#&@%%#!! I throw my clothes on, he starts up the car-----and off I go-----loaded for bear!!

I calmly ask for the manager. I start explaining what happened the day before. He starts shaking his head knowlingly.

"We've been having a lot of trouble since the new debit cards came out. The credit card company is charging the limit for a gas purchase - $75.00 - when you use the card at the pump. After they post the charge, you'll be reimbursed the difference in your bank account. A lot of people are wild about this! AND --AND--if you don't have the funds in your account, the purchase still goes through and you get charged the insufficient funds fee. We've been telling customers to come inside the store and pay for the purchase, and we can't put signs on the pumps notifying them of the changes".

Well, after much discussion, I am satisfied that my money will be returned. I need to call the bank today and register my frustration. I was too exhausted by the time I got home from the gas station; did not want to deal with fake patronizing or a surprised "oh we weren't aware of this" explanation. I most likely would have let all the ravages of Hell loose on the bank employee!

So, I come home and tell BH the news. He says "we need to look that up on the "card changes" sheet the credit company sends. I don't think that's legal; they can't get away with that. We need to check that out."

To which I say: "We can't check it out." "Why?" he asks. "Because we throw the notices away, like you say to do. That's why." "Oh" was his response.

Yes, yes. I know I can probably look this up on the computer. But I'm not telling him! And I'm pretty sure it's legal. Afterall, everything a credit card company does is.........."legal"!! (wink, wink).

Buyer beware!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Will Be Quick........

Good morning! Well today is supposed to be a great day, weatherwise. More snow melting! Finally, I don't have to worry about the roof caving in as the 8" of snow is now gone. Whew!!

I finished the andean hat and liner, did the edging to connect them both and started on the I-cords. I think a tassle is going to have to be made to keep the liner in place. Then on to the fingerless mitts to match.

Trying to talk myself into doing housework today. I have big plans for the weekend, so it needs to get done now. God, I hate housework!! No...really, really hate housework. But I should be able to open a few windows and get some fresh air in here. That's always a plus.

I finished one bobbin of the dreaded alpace w/beads; started the second. I should have this done in about........2 or 3 weeks at the rate I'm going. Geezzz.

Oh, the weekend ----- well, I'm planning on skeining and washing the 3 bobbins of yarn that were forgotten about, as well as Nplying/washing the other bobbin; washing the finished shawl to I can take pix and post it here ( pretty soon, Judy! lol); and spinning, spinning the dreaded...alpaca - finishing it!

Sunday we have tickets to the casino for their "Deal or No Deal" event, curtesy of our son. This is not the TV show, but there's still money to be won. Hey, we're there!!

I hope this works out because I just heard the weather report for the weekend ---- there's a snowstorm coming in Saturday night. Never fails!!

Ok, it's still early (7:15am), BH is still sleeping, so I'm going to try to get an hour in at the wheel.

You all have a great day!!

This was quick, wasn't it??!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!.......

Wishing you all a wonderful day to be with your loved one(s).

Last week while watching tv, I turned to BH and asked "so what do you think you're getting me for Valentine's Day?"

The response was a "deer in the headlights" look. "What?" said he.

"What do you think you'll get me for Valentine's Day?" I reiterated.

"What would you like?" says he. Translation: "I didn't know you expected anything. I haven't gotten you anything for Valentine's Day since 1992".

Yeah, he's right. I don't expect - or want - anything for Valentine's Day.

Why? Because everyday he lets me know how much he loves me - and I, him. Everyday he does every little thing he can to make my day easier; to allow me to pursue my endeavors at my whim; to be up for any scatterbrained idea that is floating in my head at the time; and to have my back when unpleasant situations arise or decisions have to be made or to be my sounding board.

He's the love of my life, no matter how crazy he can make me at times. I can't imagine a life without him. It's as if we've been together all our adult lives.

And in return, I try to make his life as easy as is within my power. I coddle him, console him, understand him, love him. We struggle together and find strength in each other.

He is my eternal Valentine.

I wish you all a Valentine for all time whether it be a significant other, a spouse, children, siblings, parents or a special friend who "gets" you and is there for you, no matter what.

Now, go make that phone call; bake that cake, plan that special dinner or sit and watch a tv program with that person tonight - together.

Life, soon enough, turns into memories. The memories will sustain us when they are supported by the love we have known.

Happy Valentine's Life!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Snail's Pace.......

I am not fast at anything.....anymore. Age? Maybe. Weather? Could be. Boredom? Sometimes.

Oh, I have great intentions. I usually plan out a day's activities the night before. Then morning comes. Planned activities get usurped with other matters.

Case in point: I have not touched the spinning wheel in 4 days. Planned to. Wanted to. Excited about finishing the alpaca. But my mind is elsewhere. I finished the shawl a few days ago. Pictures will be posted eventually. Right now said shawl was put in the storage tote. It needs to be washed and the picot edging blocked. But I like to have a couple of items to wash at the same time.

But even spinning seems to take soooo long! It never goes as fast as I expect it will. It takes forever to fill a bobbin. I know what you're actually have to sit at the wheel and spin in order to fill a bobbin. You're right. I know this. It just takes me a while to get there. The funny thing is....I love spinning!! Why can't I just sit down and do it!!?

I have started another "Andean" hat. It's 1/2 finished but it will need a lining. It's merino, fingering weight; very soft; very limp. That's ok; it will be done. And the plan is to knit fingerless mitts to match.....hopefully, they will not have to be lined.

While getting bobbins out of a tote, I noticed there's 3 bobbins of plied yarn that need to be skeined and washed. These were finished.....oh, I don't the Fall. Then there's a couple of bobbins with leftover singles from another plying venture. I need to Navajo ply these. At least it will get me some yarn to be used a future color charted project (you know, I can't think of the word. My mind has turned to oatmeal). And free up those bobbins.

Yesterday I was alone in the house.....all day!! Great plans running through my oatmeal brain. Ah, but first, there were blogs to check out, bills to pay on line (which is not as easy as they make it sound), laundry and dishes to be done and emails to be written. That took up most of the day. Time for lunch and a nap.

I did, however, get back to the knitting in the afternoon and evening. That's a "plus", I suppose.

The idea of setting up the sewing machine and all the paraphenalia is also jumping around in said brain. I'm itching to get started on some quilts and handbags. I sorted out just the perfect material for these bags.......a couple of years ago. They're in a storage tote.

Some years ago (5 maybe?) BH and I had the idea to take all the photos we have accumulated and sort them out according to the kids and their families. We even bought the albums to arrange them in. These were going to be Christmas presents.

Well, the photos are still sitting in boxes. The albums are sitting in the closet. We really need to get these done. I would love to get started on them this year. We'll see.

All of this better be sorted out and a plan put together because in a couple of months, it'll be Spring. I have paint and redecorate the living room, remove and repaper the hallway, paint the utility room and bathroom and do the general Spring cleaning throughout the house. Because come Summer....we're outta here!! We got some traveling to do!! Camping, site-seeing.

I wonder how long it'll take me to accomplish these plans. Right now, I'm going to the wheel. Watch I go......I'm going to sit down now......I'm going to start I, really........

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm On the Edge.............

No, no. Drop the phone. Do not call the hotline. Step away from the phone.

I finally started the edging on the very tedious, but very pretty, shawl that seems I've been working on for a year!! It got to the point where I could knit only a few rows a day, waiting for the ball of yarn to get to a place where I figured I would have enough left for the edging. (Boy these sentences are long! You wouldn't believe I was an "A" in high school English).

Well I've been forcing myself this week to get this damn thing done. I have a million other projects twirling around in my brain. Not to mention the spinning I want to get done.

So I decided that I am at that point, yarnwise. Now, what kind of edging? I'm not prolific in lace knitting (is that the proper word?). What to do. What to do.

Ah Ha!! I do know how to do a picot edge! Alrighty then! That's it! And so I started. I'm half way through the first row on the first edge. Like the way it looks. I think I'll have enough yarn to do 2 or 3 rows of picot (oh, this is where the "prolificicity" comes into play!! No grammar here.) So -- onward and upward.

But first ----- I do have housework to be done today. I've put it off all week, as I always do. But the furniture has this gray haze on it -- dust. And the boys are coming over tomorrow for the Bowl game. Since they think I'm the "Best Mother and Grandmother in the World", it really wouldn't do to be choking on clumps of dust while yelling at the players on the TV screen!! That would definitely tarnish my image!!

But they're guys, you say? Yeah. But it's the choking thing that would be my downfall.

I finished the slipper boots for my friend and sent them out to her with a pair of wool boot socks for good measure. Boot socks, I'm afraid to admit, that I've had stored away for years. I was never happy with them. Too thick. Too heavy. Too stiff (overplyed, maybe). But still very usable. Especially if you're going to wear them everyday around the house!

Well, it's definitely time to get some work done around here. So I can get back to the edging. (Sorry. Didn't have a picture of the wool socks.)

Have a great day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, this was one of those days! Make what you will of the title, but you get the gist.

It started out warily. We got up at 6:00am, watched a little cSpan, made the bed, put dishes away, had breakfast at 7:15 and were out the door at 7:45 to drive an hour to take daughter to her doctors' appointments.

Now she called at 7:00am to ask if she should cancel appointments. "No. Why?" "Well they say we're getting freezing rain today" she said. "No, that's not til later this afternoon. It's not going to last long, it won't be bad. We'll be ok", says I. We did catch the weather report at 6 am on the local tv channel.

So, off we go. It's snowing quite steadily, like a mountain snow. Pretty. Nothing we can't handle. 20 minutes outside of town it starts to rain. Then it begins to pour. It's freezing so fast that the winshield wipers cannot clean it off fast enough; it starts to build up on the windshield.

"Ok. This is not good. We should turn around", says I. "It'll be ok. Keep going", says BH. 5 more miles: "Nope. This is it. We're going home. We have an hour there, 30 minutes each way to the clinic and back and another hour to get home. I don't want to chance it", says I. "Ok. Let's go home" relents BH.

Call daughter and tell her it's really bad driving, we're going home; call and cancel appointments.

Home. Get out of the traveling clothes, into the grungies, put on a pot of coffee, stoke up the woodstove and get comfy. The rain has now turned back into a steady snowfall.

At 11:00 am, all precipitation ceases. I'll be damned, but the sky looks like it's getting lighter --- looks like the sun is trying to come out. Time to take a nap.

At 3:15, the sun is shining in all it's glory. The temp outside is ----- 38 degrees!!

Now most people would be dancing a jig; getting out the seed catalogs; scraping the ice off their roofs; taking a walk.

This has thrown me into a funk. Knitting? No. Spinning? Not now. Housework? Be serious! I have turned into a blob. A do-nothing, don't-want-to-do-nothing blob. No energy.

The weather guy says tomorrow will be just as warm, maybe sunny. Oh yeah? Well we'll see who gets all perky and energetic when daylight breaks!

God, I hope it's me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Is Not Good.........

I've been up all night. It is now 6:23 am. I could not fall asleep last night to save my life. So I got up, turned on the TV, finished the last slipper boot for my friend, frogged the sock that I didn't like and picked up the shawl and knit about 6 more rows.

Oh yeah, I also turned on the coffee pot and proceeded to drink 5 cups of coffee. I just put another pot on thinking BH will be up soon.

Also kept the wood stove going. The weatherman said we were going to get -25 to -35 last night, with wind chill. So, I thought "well, I'll make sure the water pipes don't freeze". Right now it is -10. Water pipes are just fine.

I did turn off the TV, grab my fleece cover and lay back in the recliner about 4:00am. For about 15 minutes. That didn't work. Maybe it was the coffee? Nah.

I have a problem like this maybe once a month. Just can't sleep. This time I blame it on my mother. I know. My mother passed away a month ago. But her and my dad have this way of letting us know they're still with us. Most times to our chagrin!

Like the time I was trying to hang pictures of them on the wall and they kept falling down. Right off the nail. No rhyme or reason. I mean, they were hanging there just fine. Then - WHOMP! "Ok, Pop. That's enough. I have to get these pictures up here!"

Or Pop letting me find the essay our son wrote about him. Pop told me it was in his drawer. Nope. It was in his album of fishing pictures -- in the back. After many blank pages. The album was under a bunch of stuff in his night stand.

Or my brother asking me to find my mother's recipe for Rice Pudding. Went through all her recipes - thousands! Picked up the Hershey cookbook, and there it was, just open the cover of the book. Rice Pudding in a Hershey chocolate cookbook??!! Ma!!

Or how about her passing away on New Year's Eve Day? Yeah, we'll never forget that date!! Good one, Ma!

Well anyway, here I am. So, I've got bills to pay. But I'm avoiding that right now. Don't feel like it. Maybe later.

And the spinning wheel is in view. Right behind me. I can see it out of the corner of my eye.Yeah, yeah. I'll get there.

I was planning on doing some housework today. Just dusting and vacuuming. Good luck with that! At least son and fiance think they won't be coming up this weekend (she had a minor fender bender yesterday and she has a report due for school next week. They need to go to the Arts Museum.) That's ok. We're supposed to get snow all weekend. And I won't have to cook on Saturday!! Just Sunday - for the Super Bowl and other son and grandson will be coming over. But I've got that pretty much covered.

I know I can think of at least 6 other things to do today. But thinking and doing are 2 different things. Especially when you've been up all night!

I think I'm starting to get a little punchy. Maybe another cup of coffee will help.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So it's been a few uneventful days. I've been trying to get my mojo back; any mojo. Spinning a bit; crocheting a bit; cooking a bit. You know how it is in the winter. I keep hearing this funny little voice in my head that repeats "hibernate, hibernate, hibernate". I'm fighting it will all my powers, weak as they may seem.

Spinning the alpaca is finally coming along. It's been so long since I've spun this fiber that it takes a bit to get back into it. I must say that buying alpaca at the Michigan Wool Festival was ----- BH's idea. "Buy some, buy some", he kept prodding me. So I picked up a ball of black, one of gray, one white and one brown. Hey, keep prodding me when I have visions of soft, dreamy knitted articles in my eyes and there's going to be trouble!

However, I do believe I will be stronger next time -- no more alpaca. Give me merino anyday!

I got an email from my friend in NY. She said the wool socks I sent her for Christmas as so warm and comfy, she's been wearing them every day to keep her feet warm. She asked if I could send her another pair. Now these were not thick boot socks, these were delicate, lacey occasional socks - with glitz spun in the wool. OMG! My heart jumped into my throat! She's going to wear these out in no time!

Ah Ha! The slipper boots! I made 20 pair for Christmas gifts for family and co-workers. It's a fast pattern - I could do 3 pair in a day. They're made of double strand acrylic yarn. Acrylic!! Cushy and thick. That's the key! She can wear them outside without shoes if she wanted to, for god's sake! So I am now crocheting 2 pair for her. 1 pair done, the other on it's way. Maybe I'll throw in a pair of wool boot socks anyway. But I will definitely send her a note about the other pair!

We're back into the freezer here, as weather goes. Not as bad as last week, though. Whew! 2 more months, baby! And Spring will be on it's way.

Saturday is #1 son's (also #1 child) birthday. 43 years old. I can't believe it; there's no way I feel that old! He lives in NY. I stayed with him and family when I was back there. He was talking about the chocolate/toffee bits candy I made. I said I have a lot left, I'll send you some for your birthday.

So today I will pack a box for him with the candy and some more breads. He loves the breads, too. Especially the Banana/Strawberry one. So that one and a few different ones will be on their way to him.

I did make the Turkey Pot Pie - not Sunday, but yesterday. OMG! It is much better than the Chicken one I usually make. So glad I made 2 - one for the freezer. Delicious!

Well, there's laundry to fold and another load to put in the washer; bills to pay; a box to fill and mail and slippers to be finished. Sounds like a good day. Maybe I can get back to the wheel tonight - and the dreaded alpaca! Thank God I didn't buy a pound of the stuff!!