Saturday, January 18, 2014

All is Right with the World....

Well, here in my world.  Things are starting to get better. shoe to drop?  I pray not.

I found the buttons!  Yay!  About the 6th box, there they were.  Happy dance.  Quickly got them sewn onto the vest.  Another project done.

The socks are finished, washed and should be dry enough to put away today.

I'm dyeing.  Wool.  The tote says "Shetland", but I'm thinking it's Border Leicester roving.  It's not hairy like Shetland.  I know there's a lot of BL, maybe in another tote.  I haven't taken the time to go look.  I really need to keep my tags on the totes updated better.

Anywho, I've been dying (pun intended) for a green yarn.  So yesterday's batch is a pound of painted roving.  It turned out pretty good; I do like the colors.  Today is kettle dyeing another pound of solid dark green.  At least, I hope it'll be dark green.  It looked dark green when I poured it into the kettle; the roving looks dark green as it sits there waiting to be warmed and simmered.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

But if it comes out lighter than expected, well, there's a beautiful black roving that will just be blended in or plied with when spinning comes around.

Granddaughter called Thursday night.  She's feeling much better; the meds are working and she's been scheduled for physical therapy, which she says made her feel much better.

The issue with the new sargeants has been resolved.  The Sargeant Major confronted them and read the "riot act" to them.  Their attitude towards the soldiers has tempered down quite a bit.

Funny story she told seems last Saturday they all got 1 hour of personal time.  A bunch of the guys had to get their hair cut at the base barber shop.  Being that there's quite a few of them and 1 hour wouldn't work, they started called their CQ, saying they would be late because of the wait.

This one nasty, cruel, ruthless sergeant  (one of the new ones) goes to the barber shop and starts screaming, cussing, degrading and belittling his men.  Lo and behold, there happens to be a Captain standing by...from a different platoon.  He makes a phone call to the company commander and then calls Brigade Headquarters and reports this a**hole.  Then he confronts the sergeant and in no uncertain terms "lays him out in lavender".

Everyone was so happy when they heard this.  Finally.  Justice.  So, needless to say, this particular sergeant has an attitude adjustment towards the company!

Don't you love it when those who seriously need it get their come-uppance!!  Thank you, Jesus.

So, back to granddaughter......she's feeling better, her company got their "green status" back, which means they can leave the base on the weekend, and her aviation instructor is giving her leaway to complete her course at her pace so she can graduate on time.   Thank you, Jesus.

I still pray every night.  Always have; always will.  Prayers for help, many prayers of thanks.  I pray for everyone and everything.  And sure enough, most of them are answered.

Well, Tuesday, BH and I are off to the Casino!!!  For an overnighter!!  It's going to be great getting away for a couple of days.  Knitting will accompany me.  I love it when I can go up to the room, relax, watch TV and knit.  BH can play all the BlackJack he wants, as long as he wants.  Me.....give me the peace and solitude of a comfy room and I'm happy!  Oh, I'll play the slot machines for a few hours, but then it gets boring and the surrounding noises start fraying my nerves.

Now....if my prayers could be answered for a.......jackpot!!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Happy to hear that things have turned around and are looking better. Hopefully, your luck will continue in the casino.

Sandra Knapp said...

So pleased that things are now looking up for your Granddaughter. Have a wonderful time on your mini-vacation, and good luck at the tables. :)

Linda said...

Thank you, gals. I just keep praying.