Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Downfall of Being Earnest......

So.  As has been mentioned many times in this blog this past summer, our house is up for sale.  And in the summer, whilst cleaning, painting, repairing and replacing, I thought it a great idea to start packing away all that was not pertinent to every day living.

Now I pay the price.  Actually, I've been paying since the Fall.

When we were getting ready for our trip to South Carolina, we mapped out the course in the Atlas and road maps.  BH says..."you've got the Garmin, right?"'s packed away.

Wanting to make son and fiancé a quilt for Christmas, I sorted through and picked out the material.  Ehhh......the quilt patterns and books are.....packed away.

So, preparing for Christmas.  I could really use the 1 qt. slow cooker to keep the nacho cheese warm for snacks.  Packed away.

Can't hang any decorations on the walls because.....all the nails, screws, hangers were removed.  Holes were filled in and painting was done.  Don't want to go through that again this Spring.  Decorations cut to a minimum.

Now I take out the last vest I made in the Fall.  It needs buttons.  I have a good sized can of larger buttons.  All kinds.  Metal; stamped metal; iridescent; 2-hole; 4-hole; square and round; anything from 1" to 2".  Buttttt.....yep.  That can is packed away.

This wouldn't be so bad except when boxes were being packed, I marked each one with the room it would go into at the apartment.  You know, to make it easier for our boys who were going to help us move.

Yes.  The boxes are marked for the room.  But they're not marked with what's inside. Why did I do that??  How stupid was that!  Now as many boxes that say "Craft room" (maybe 3 - maybe 8) have to be opened, searched and resealed.

To add to the aggravation, the boxes are in storage at the old farmhouse.  Yes, it's just 50 feet away, but it's cold, no heat.  So with winter coat, bulky hat and gloves, packing tape and scissors in hand, we will venture over and start the search.

Why did I do that??!!  It's not like the thought of sewing didn't cross my mind many months ago.  Crap.

There's also a mystery.  While cleaning the curio cabinet before Christmas, all of a sudden it hits me.  "Where the hell is the little rocking chair that my granddaughter gave me for Christmas one year, when she was about 8 years old.  She bought it at "Santa's Secret Shop" in school.

Why on earth would I pack that little knick-knack, that wasn't taking up any room at all....inside the curio cabinet?  Just that.  Nothing else was packed.  Or.....did somebody steal it??

Well, it'll probably show up when we unpack in our new apartment....whenever.

I do know I will think twice when it comes to wanting to do more packing.

Or....I'll just say the hell with it all.....unpack and put everything back where it was.  Until the day.

And that's what being too earnest will get you.....3 steps forward;  8 steps back.


Sandra Knapp said...

Personally, I think you were smart packing up what you could, ahead of time. So, on occasion it has proven a bit inconvenient. But you've managed to keep going just the same. And I would not unpack it all now either. Not unless you absolutely cannot live without whatever it is you need. Certainly not for a few buttons. It will be an adventure, seeking them out. LOL Good luck.

Lynn said...

OH I totally hear you!!! Yes you ARE smart for packing ahead, but I'm on the other side of it. We've moved and now I'm having a hard time finding things. Moving stinks no matter how you slice it. Stay warm while you search your boxes!!

Judy said...

On the up side you didn't pack all your winter clothes and be over there freezing while trying to find them!!! Stay warm and hope you find the rocking chair while looking for the buttons

Linda said...

LOL! Thank you, ladies. I did find the buttons...I think it was the 6th box. And now the vest is finished. You're right, Sandie, and I really won't unpack all those boxes. We'll just keep going on a scavenger hunt when something else is needed. It is kind of fun. Still no luck with the little rocking chair.