Friday, January 3, 2014

This is The Day.....

So the holidays are over.  2013 is another notch on our chronological watch.  What does the new year hold in store?

Well, for is the day the Christmas decorations come down.  It is the only day in the foreseeable future that will be above zero for daytime temperature.  Tomorrow the sh*t hits the fan again....and will last until......well, maybe until.....hell freezes over.

I like taking down the decorations as much as putting them up.  The house gets cleaned, it looks less cluttered, furniture gets put back in place, and the spinning wheels come out of hiding!  Then big plans are imagined.

Oh...then there's all the goodies.  Cookies, candies and fudge(s).  Yeah.  They need to be packed up and put into the freezers.  This is the job I do not care for.  I'd rather just chuck it all in the garbage.  First, BH would have a hemorrhage; second, this stuff costs a ton of money to make.  I do not like wasting money.  So, I will consider it all a jump start to next year's Christmas baking and making or we'll pick at it throughout the year.  Either way, it's all good.

There are numerous storage totes full of wool.  All kinds of wool.  Not to mention a 1/4 pound of silk purchased about 2 years ago and a 1/2 pound of iridescent "firestar" for blending.

Just before Christmas, I went to the storage house and brought the box will the dyes and equipment over to the "living" house.  I do so want to dye some wool!!

Right now I'm working on a pair of socks; the first one is just about done.  Then there's the poncho that's been sitting in the knitting basket since Thanksgiving.  A couple more inches and it should be finished....if memory serves correctly.

Tuesday I have to go to daughter's.  She has a dietician appointment Wednesday morning.  So we will undress her apartment Tuesday night and put the everyday back in its place.

We were going to go to the Casino on New Year's Eve day.  Didn't happen.  Then we thought maybe New Year's Day.  Didn't happen.  It's too friggin' cold.  It takes all the courage and strength we can muster just to get to the grocery store and post office.  Providing the car battery isn't dead.  That's another hassle you have to think twice about tackling.

So maybe our little jaunt will have to be postponed until Spring gets here.  Should be just in time for our wedding anniversary.....June 24.

Stay safe; stay warm; stay happy and positive.  "This can't last forever" (probably the  words spoken right before the last Ice Age hit).


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Putting away Christmas is not a fun job, but when it is over, it feels so clean and neat again. I started yesterday and hope to finish today.

Sandra Knapp said...

I'll be putting my Xmas decorations away this weekend too. I guess this is the time most people do this. :)

I don't bake, generally, so I don't have to worry about throwing out or saving left over goodies. There are none.

I am happy to note that you did have a very enjoyable Xmas and New Years, and I wish you all the very best in 2014. :)

Linda said...

Thank you, Sandie. May both you ladies and your families the very best and healthiest of new years!

Judy said...

LOL we are too much a like! I make way too much and would like to toss it too but husband and my inner what if the shtf voice won't let me! Looking forward to 2014 and your wool dyeing results. Stay warm.