Thursday, January 9, 2014


** So, we're in the 10th (20th?) day of sub-sub zero, arctic temps.  It's supposed to be getting better tomorrow.  Like the song...."Tomorrow".  It's always "tomorrow".

** Now that all the Christmas finery is put away for another year and the house is relatively clean and in order, thoughts of getting back to spinning have been reeling in my head.

** I still consider myself on hiatus.  Therefore, it's difficult to actually sit down and spin.  Everything is set up....the wheel, the wool, the bobbin awaits where I left off.  Now just to find the "umpf" to get at it.

** Granddaughter left to return to duty at the Army base on Jan. 2.  We could not be there to see her off.  This causes me some anxiety and sadness.  Even though we said our "goodbye"s to her in person as we left son's to go home 2 days beforehand, there is still an emptiness in my heart.

** She will graduate from Army tech school April 10.  We plan on being there and bringing her home.  So, at least that brings excitement and joy.

** We were planning on picking her up and making a trip to New York to see family.  Unfortunately, that will have to be postponed.  She told me she has to report to the base in MN. within 72 hours of leaving the base in Virginia.  That makes me sad.

** Getting back to the weather.....there is probably 10 tons of ice on our roof.  I estimate it's about 6 - 8 inches thick.  With no sign of melting.  This is something I really can't spend too much time thinking about.  Just pray.

** On the other hand, when it does start to melt, BH will have to get up on the roof to push the ice blocks off.  This causes me anxiety.  We haven't had much snow; ice melting causes it to be quite slippery; his balance leaves something to be desired; he's 77 yrs old; this is one of the reasons why we were supposed to be in an apartment this winter!

** BH and I have been talking about going to the Casino for the past week.  He wants to make it an overnight getaway.  That's ok by me; just need to find the right time.  Hopefully before "cabin fever" sets in with a vengeance.

** Talked to the youngest son the other day.  He is working at a medical device manufacturing company.  He was hired through a Temp agency.  The second temp job he's had since losing his job of 3 years at an aeronautic device manufacturing plant.  Now he's worried because there have been rumblings that this place will be laying off workers very soon.  He worries that this is going to be a trend.....getting work through Temp agencies permanently hired jobs.  No benefits.

** I'm worried.  Because at this stage of our life, we really don't want anyone living with us....again....and again......anymore.  There's a reason why birds nests lay in a heap on the ground after the little ones have flown the "coop".  A lesson from nature.  Where did the mom and dad fly off to?  Do you suppose they've moved in to the "kids" nest? Yeah. I don't see that happening.

** This son has been plagued with severe depression and anxiety for well over 10 years. He will be 35 this summer. All manner of physicians and medications have not given any long term reprieve.  Asked one time if any medical person suggested to him that he has Bi-Polar illness, he quickly retorted no.  Years ago this condition was called "Manic-Depression" it's "bi-polar".  Does that make it sound better?  Less threatening?  Less serious? Easier to treat? More socially acceptable? 

** How much fiber does a person need?  I'm 64 yrs. old.  I know my ride on the elevator is almost at the top.  So I toy with the idea of selling most of it, as well as a couple of wheels and some other supplies. fast can a person possibly spin and knit?  In my case, not that fast. 

** Which brings another realization.  There are 6...yes, bins of material - yardage - awaiting the scissors and sewing machine.  They've been waiting for.....oh.....5 years or so.  Quilts.  Quilts.  Quilts.  Oooohhh, the blocks......the colors.......the finished beauty.....dancing in my head.

** A rough estimate.....I would have to live to 120 years old in order to complete all the projects envisioned.

** Many, many years ago I was going through a time when I just wasn't feeling right for quite a lengthy period. Knitting my first attempt at an Aran sweater for my dad and creating my very first quilt for my mom as their Christmas presents.  I remember praying every day "please God, let me finish these gifts for them before I go".  Well, He did; I did; I'm still here.  Apparently there's another sweater or quilt or both that He has in mind.  Personally, I hope it's a few of each.

** I think I better hang on to all the fiber and sewing supplies for now.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Winter, especially a winter as brutal as this one seems to be, can bring on dark thoughts. Although we may not have the drive we used to have, having smaller victories can be just as fulfilling. I also find that getting started is the biggest hurdle, but once I put my mind to it, I am back in the groove and satisfaction and joy are back in my life.

Judy said...

I have a list of projects which keep getting put on the back burner while doing the list of projects my daughter wants for the grandkids! Supposedly I can't say no if it is for the grandkids! She does the same with canning...She is hooked on Pinterest and it will be the death of me!!! Stay warm and tell hubby be careful.

Linda said...

Thank you for your comments and support, gals. I perks me up. I know once I get started on a project, my energy will be through the's just forcing myself to start. But eventually, I will. You both stay warm and healthy!!

Sandra Knapp said...

You are not alone with a mountain of yarn and roving. I'm 71 yrs. and have the same mountain of fiber goodness, but I give no thought to how long I might have to live, to use it up. It gives me the incentive to keep living so that I CAN use it up.

I was away from my spinning for several months, but last week I sat down, and began again. And now it's easier to just sit and spin for a while at any time. But I did have to make an appointment with myself for that very fist sit-down. Maybe you need to do that too.

There was much in your post, that I can relate to. A 49 year old son that returned to the "nest" 3 years ago, and show no incentive or intention of becoming self sufficient again. I'm not happy about it, but I don't want him living on the streets either, so I deal with it.

Hang in there. Maybe a weekend at the Casino is a good idea. Winter does not last forever, and the days are already getting longer. I noticed just yesterday, I am now seeing daylight past 5 PM. A good thing!

Take care :)

Linda said...

Thank you, Sandie, for you very thoughtful and helpful comments. Yep, I started spinning yesterday. Because I'm practicing on my new blending board and then I wanted to spin the rolags to see how it looked. Pretty happy with the results, but more practice on the board. I'm doing some knitting too. I am trying to keep a positive outlook and not get too stressed over things. The weather is starting to break, we've been above 0 for 2 days now and the weekend is looking good. Always picks up the spirit! You have a great weekend! Hope you get lots of spinning done.