Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cold Enough For Ya?.......

Ok...that's a sentence that is no longer funny.  Or needs to be repeated everywhere you go.

So we're in our 35th day (it sure does seem that many) of double digits below zero...daytime, nighttime...it doesn't matter.  Cold is cold.  Freezing is freezing.

Thank God for the furnace this year because I don't know what we would've done.  Between the wood stove, 2 electric heaters and the furnace, we manage to keep it somewhat comfortable in the house.  However...BH has informed me that there is a couple more days of wood left.  UhOh.

He normally would have enough wood for all this season and some for next, but the Spring and Summer threw a couple of monkey wrenches into his wood gathering calendar.  So we wound up with less than we've had in many a year.

And we've been trying to keep the furnace a minimal operating capacity because he's leary as to how much propane it's going to use.  And the fact that propane prices have doubled in the past week.  Being as frugal (read....cheap) as he is, he just about has a cow when thinking we might have to buy more to get us through the "vortex".  Me....any cost to keep my butt warm is fine by me.  It is what it is.

Yesterday he was out shoveling, bringing in wood, getting the mail, feeding the birds, etc.  When he came in for a break, I said..."don't you want a scarf around your face....you're nose is turning dark".  Well, that scared him enough to agree to the scarf.  Men.  Just mention a part of their anatomy might have to be cut off...or fall off.....and they're as meek as a lamb!  You can really get your way.   Mind you....this whole winter with frostbite so prolific....he has not had anything cover his face.  I consider myself lucky he wears an insulated hat, his Carhartt jacket, long johns, wool socks and heavy boots.  But the face...gotta cover the face.

What's been going on inside?  Well, a big pot of ham/bean soup on Sunday; 2 days of baking Apple Streudel (4 streudels); a pan of brownies; many wool dyeing experiments, with more happening today.  And I finished the poncho...almost.  The collar needs to be knitted on, but first I have to try it on because it looks like the neck opening is much narrower than I remember from previous ponchos.  May not need the "shirt collar" style...maybe a "Mandarin" style will be enough.

And spinning.  I don't know why, but I can just about manage an hour's worth of spinning a day.  Just can't get into it full bore.  I want to.  Just can't get that mojo going.  And there's a lot of spinning to be done! 

Of course, it doesn't help that my sister has gotten me hooked on playing scrabble games with her on the internet.  This from a person who "poo-pooed" the thought of getting connected on a "social media" website.  Well, she's hooked now!!  I couldn't possibly play that many games!! There would be webs from ceilings to floors, dust 1/2 foot thick, nothing to eat and no clean underwear.

Speaking of which...there's a load of laundry waiting for me...and a ton of fiber calling my name.  Gotta go.


Spinners End Farm said...

Hi Linda! This weather is horrid isn't it? At least it is sunny here today. I love your rolags...I've been considering a blending board! You make it look easy.

Linda said...

The weather is terrible! But my husband keeps reminding me....one day closer to Spring.....geezzz. Yep, blending boards are pretty cool! I bought mine at a fiber fest; the gal makes them herself...saved $25+ by not purchasing one from a big name manufacturer. They are pricey!

Sandra Knapp said...

It's been very cold here too, but nothing like what you are dealing with. I only have an oil furnace, and this month alone, we have burned through at least half of what it took the previous 4 months to use. We are being told the warmer weather will start returning tomorrow. I hope that means for all of us, and not just some. I think the entire country is holding their breath, waiting, about now. :)

I'm with you on the spinning too. Lots of fiber to spin, but for some reason, I'm having a hard time forcing myself to sit down and do it. And to do it right, I really do have to want to do it. So I'm paying attention to myself, and not pushing the matter right now. But if I don't get into it soon, I'm going to be very sorry later, that I didn't. :) Oh well, maybe it's this cold snap that is causing it, and once that is lifted, I'll have a greater desire to sit here in the sun, and spin, and spin, for hours on end. :)

Take care and keep warm.

Linda said...

Lol, Sandie, I think all spinners have the same problem now and again. I know it'll pass...I just wish it would be soon! Hope your weather greatly improves very soon and stays that way! In the meantime, stay warm and comfy with your knitting or spinning.

Lynn said...

that ham and bean soup sounds delish!! NOthing like soups and brownies to help keep you warm! Ok NEGATIVE numbers for weather are beyond me! We never got out of the 40s today which is quite unusual for us here in Central Florida!!! Stay warm!

Linda said...

oh boy....I think most Minnesotans would sell their first born for a 40 degree day right about now! When it gets into the 20's, we call it.....Spring!! Glad, though, that you're not experiencing this horrible freeze! Stay warm and cozy!